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Ostrich Skis Around And Does Jumps And Stunts For A Good Time

Here is a pretty bizarre video (commercial?) featuring an ostrich skiing. I can't tell if it's a real ostrich, a CG ostrich, an ostrich on a blue/green screen, a person in an ostrich suit, or a combination of all three. CG for the win or real ostrich?



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Strap On Your Lance Get Administer Beat Down For A Good Time In Joust

Joust Flash GameJoust is a free flash emulation game of the old arcade game, Joust. You enter a quarter and then pick either one or two players. You are on a ostrich with a lance and you must joust other ostrich riding computer players. If you knock them off you get more points. If they knock you off you have to get a new bird and try again. It feels somewhat like Donkey Kong but to me it seems harder. The graphics are the original arcade graphics are they are pretty retro. If you liked this one in the arcades or if you never played this one, give it a shot.

Grab your lance and administer some beat down!


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