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Guy Paints The Mona Lisa Using MS Paint In About 2 And A Half Hours

Guy in this video uses MS Paint to draw the Mona Lisa in about two and a half hours. The video is sped up to display the whole drawing process in about four minutes.



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Cool Computer IO Paint Brush Device Lets You Paint With Video

IO Paint Brush VideoHere's a video of a prototype computer input output device which is designed like a paint brush. It has a built in video camera into the head of the brush which allows it to pick up "video textures" or still colors and textures. For example, they show the paint brush recording someone blinking their eye and then painting the eye blink texture on a computer screen canvas. It's hard to tell if the screen canvas is touch sensitive or not (I think it is) as it shows someone smudging one of the images with their finger. However, it's possible that the paint brush device just records itself drawing. It picks up all kinds of textures like this fur print off this hand bag and works exactly like a paint brush after that. Watch the video for a better visual explanation.

Check out the IO paint brush video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Indian Guy Conducts Electricity Without Showing Any Signs Of Pain In This Video

Electric Guy VideoA guy in India can pass an electric current through his body and he doesn't feel a thing (or so he claims). In the video he puts a live wire to his tongue and another wire to a fan and the fan starts up and works. At the end of the video he holds a lightbulb and an electric skillet. The flips the switch, the lightbulb turns on, and an egg is fried on the skillet. He states that some people accused him of having some kind of implants in his hands that allowed him to do it but they tested them and there was nothing. the guy is an electrician of all things. He does seem to have a little bit of a spasm when the current first hits but he controls it. Or the whole video is a fake.

Check out the electric Indian guy video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Makes Art In The Top Of His Coffee Cup With Cream And Chocolate

Coffee Art VideoSo if you have nothing better to do with yourself you can sit around and make art in your coffee. The guy in this video takes about a half a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or whatever it is and fills the rest of the cup with cream. Next he takes either a small screwdriver or a paintbrush and creates little designs in the top of the coffee. Some of them get pretty complex and at one point he adds in chocolate syrup to have another color to mix in with the coffee and cream. He makes everything from bunny faces to butterflies to star patterns and whatever else he can come up with.

Check out the full video below of the coffee art for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Beer Cannon Destroys Household Objects In Slow Motion For The Win

Beer Cannon VideoHere is a slow motion video of various household objects being fired at high speed at various other household objects and shown here in slow motion. Some of the things they fire out of the cannon are beer cans, mustard jars, sausage, whipped cream containers, and paintballs. They use a little white cup inside the cannon barrel to blow out whatever it is that they are shooting out of the cannon (you see the white cup in most of the shots). When they shoot the paintballs it works like a shotgun and peppers the target. They blast a TV, a radio, melons, flower pots, flower arrangements, bottles of wine, and all kinds of other stuff with beer cans.

Watch the video of the beer cannon below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Crossbow Built Out Of Legos Firing A Bolt Into A Metal Can

Lego Crossbow VideoHere is a video which features a fully working crossbow built out of legos and rubber bands. The rubber bands are across the front to create the tension on the bow. Additionally there seems to be some rubber bands on the back area holding the stock of the crossbow togather. Lastly it seems like he has some kind of pump system for launching the bolt but it could be gears instead. In any event he loads the bolt in and fires a couple times at a metal paint thinner can. The point of the bolt pokes a hole in the can but the bolt itself doesn't stick.

Check out the full video of the lego crossbow firing below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Strange Commercial For A VW Golf By Unpimping Your Ride

VW Golf Commercial VideoHere is a strange video for the VW Golf which was probably shown in the UK as I don't see it working so well in the US. The commercial pokes fun at the 'Pimp My Ride' reality TV shows by 'un-pimping' the guys car. The guy has a suped up cheap car with a big spoiler and wild paint job. The engineer guy presses a button to unpimp the car and a crate falls from the ceiling completely flattening the suped up car. The sides fall and the VW Golf (what kind of name for a car is that?) is in the suped up car's place. And how exactly is this suppost to make me want to buy this car again?

Catch the full video of this VW Golf commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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You Try Using A Fork With Four Inch Long Fingernails For A Good Time

Long Finger Nails PhotoReal or fake? The Sri Lankan model in the photo has what appear to be 4 inch long painted fingernails. I'm pretty sure they are stick on nails but you never know (if you've ever seen the Guiness World Book Of Records photos for the longest fingernails). Her fingernails come out about four inchs and then curl at the end. On the end of each fingernail is clipped a fake butterfly. The fingernails seem to be painted transparent pink with sparkles on them and they pretty much all look the same. The caption for the photo doesn't say one way or another. If they were real I doubt you'd be able to have that amount of conformity. Imagine trying to do anything with four inch long fingernails. Yeah.

Check out the full sized photo of the four inch long clip on fingernails.


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Anti Smoking Advertisment Where A Balcony Full Of Smokers Collapses

Anti Smoking VideoHere is a pretty funny anti-smoking commercial. There are a bunch of people outside on a balcony smoking. A guy walks up and he is about to go outside and light up when the balcony collapses because some many people are out on it. The guy gets scared and runs off. Apparently you are somehow suppost to link this with smoking kills you. In any event the way I see it is the balcony is really a scissor lift and the city background is just a greenscreen or painting or some such. They just punch the scissor lift, shoot of the smoke, and have the people scream to make it look like the balcony falls off.

Check out the full video of the anti-smoking ad below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Kid Gets Hit Between The Eyes With A Knife And Survives

Knife Ouch PhotoFrom the "needle in the arm ouch department" we bring you this kid who was raking leaves with a group of people when one of the leaders of the group accidently threw a knife which hit the kid right in the forehead. The leader guy was attempting to catch another kid who was falling and threw the knife away. The knife hit the second kid right between the eyebrows and stuck. Fortinately the knife didn't penetrate very deep and the kid is fine. It does make for a pretty gruesome looking X-Ray though. The kid said he didn't feel any pain from the knife just pressure. They need to check this leader guy out and see if he's really a NINJA! Maybe he was a ninja in a past life?

Check out the full sized photo plus additional photos and a video about the accident over on the news article's site.


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