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Giant Panda Eats Cake Wears Crown For A Good Time On Birthday

Panda Birthday Crown PhotoIt's not every day that you see a giant panda sitting in a chair, wearing a crown, and eating a piece of cake with a fork now is it? The panda's name is Bass according to this news article and the giant panda who lives in China is celebrating her 25th birthday. I suppose this isn't any different than European dancing bears from the Middle Ages. The average weight for a female panda looks like it's between 155 and 220 so Bass is a chubber weighing in at 304 pounds. Fact is stranger than fiction for the win.

Click over to view the full sized photo of the giant panda wearing a crown.


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Panda Grabs Zoo Visitor By The Jacket And Tries To Drag Him Inside The Cage

Panda Rage VideoHere we have a video with some people looking at a panda in a zoo. Except this isn't a nice little cuddly panda. This panda is a seriously, I'm going to rip your throat out, rage blinded panda. The zoo visit in this video got to close to the panda cage and the panda grabbed him. The panda then proceeds to try and pull the guy into the panda cage. Other zoo visitors rush to help the guy. The video ends with the panda having mostly torn the guy's jean jacket off and pulled it into his cage. It looks like it happened somewhere in Asia and I would guess in China.

If you had to live in a cage in a zoo you would probably be pissed off too.


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