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Stunt Guy Lives In A Sphere Of Water For A Week For A Good Time

Living In A Water Sphere PhotoSo David Blaine is at it again and this time he's living in an 8x8�sphere of water for a week before attempting this stunt. He has an oxygen hose, goggles, pants, and gloves on. Apparently after the week's time he is going to try beating the 'holding your breath underwater' record of 8 minutes and and 58 seconds. At the same time he is suppost to try and escape from 150 pounds of chains and handcuffs according to the caption attached with the photo. I assume the gloves are so his hands don't turn into prunes. Is he sleeping underwater? Is he slowly lowering or raising the oxygen content of the air tube to prepare himself for the holding his breath? Strange stuff.

Head over and check out the full sized photo of Blaine living in a sphere filled with water.


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Two Park Benchs A Piece Of Velcro And Some Ripped Pants For A Good Time

Pants Rip VideoHere is a pretty funny setup gag going where they have a two sided bench, a piece of velcro, and some ripped pants. One person sits on the far side of the bench holding the velcro while the second person sits on the front side of the bench. When an unsuspecting person comes and also sits on the bench is when the gag begins. The person on the front side of the bench stands up and the person on the back side of the bench "rips" the velcro so it sounds like the guys pants ripped. They have a piece of the pants glued to the bench and the guy is missing the back of his pants as he walks off. The unsuspecting person can't help but laugh. They play the trick on a few people and then when the unsuspecting person gets up to walk away they "rip" the velcro again. The unsuspecting person thinks their pants ripped too and checks to make sure they are still intact.

Watch the funny video below of the pants rip gag for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Matrix Ping Pong Spoof Effects Operated By Chameleon Ninjas

Matrix Ping Pong VideoHere's a widely popular spoof of the Matrix done using pingpong and live action effects.� Obviously if you've seen the Matrix you know about their wide angle shots, camera pans, slow motion, and exaggerated character movement. In this spoof of it they have a pingpong table setup on a black background. There is a red player and a orange player. What you don't see (for the most part) is the people dressed in black who blend in with the black background (we've posted a similar video before). In this video, there is a ninja guy in black who moves the ping pong ball around. Additionally there are two people working each "player" in the ping pong game. The main guy in the suit has black pants on and there is another ninja guy dressed in black who opperates his colored legs. They fake all the camera pans, wide shots, and slow motion in real time. It looks surprisingly good.

View the full video below of the Matrix Ping Pong spoof or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Pulls A Bunch Of Concealed Weapons Out Of His Baggy Clothes In A Demo Video

Concealed Weapons VideoThis video clip appears to be an orientation video for some highschool which is probably shown to parents. In the video there is a guy wearing baggy clothes and he starts pulling guns out and puts them on the table. When you first look at him you can't even tell he has one gun. He starts at the left pulling guns out of his pocket and belt. At one point he pulls out a .45 with a really long barrel and then an Uzi with a full clip from the small of his back. Next he pulls out a full pump shotgun which was stuffed down the back of his baggy pants. Most of the other weapons seem plausable but this one I have my doubts on. You couldn't even sit down with a shotgun down the leg of your pants. It is pretty crazy though how many guns he has on him that you can't even seen.

Watch this guy pull at least ten guns out of his baggy clothes.


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Group Of Heroes Sit Around Trying To Drink A Flaming Shot And Catch On Fire

Flaming Drink VideoThe winners in this video are sitting around drinking copious amounts of alcohol for a good time. They get the brilliant idea to light a shot on fire and then one of them is to drink it. Well the guy drinks something out of a red cup and then tries to drink the flaming shot. Except that everything goes wrong at this point because the guy who is drinking it catchs his lip on fire and starts screaming. He throws the flaming shot on the table or somehow it tips over off. In any event suddenly the table is on fire and the burning alcohol pours onto another guy sitting near by. Now his pants are on fire and he is dancing around screaming like crazy. Wooooo. You guys rock.

Watch these morons play with fire and get burned.


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Stupid Guy Tries To Photocopy His Butt Except That The Glass In The Copier Breaks

Copier VideoNow you've probably see the other copier videos on this website where people get on top of copiers and accidently set the copier off. Well the guy in this video decides to do this on purpose. The only problem happens when he sits on the copier and the glass brakes. He had the foresight to pull his pants down before sitting on the copier so now he is stuck in the copier with his pants down and glass stabbing him. The video cuts off before we can see how he gets out of the copier. Does he call for help or is able to climb out without suffering to many gashs?

Watch this guy make an ASS of himself (literally).


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Cops Subdueing A Suspect Accidently Shoot A Gun Off Scaring Everyone

Cop Shot VideoThis video clip is pretty shoot and shows a few cops subdueing a suspect. Now there is the one cop handcuffing the guy on the ground. Another cop is holding a gun on the guy and this is where it gets interesting. The cop holding the gun accidently fires it or somehow it goes off. This scares the crap out of the cop handcuffing the guy and he jumps back. The cop that fired the gun is also scared out of her wits and quickly puts the gun away. And then we have the prisoner guy who probably crapped his pants. He is just looking up at the cop like she is crazy and being glad he is still alive.

Luck saves this guy from taking a bullet in the head.


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Guy Catchs The Crotch Of His Pants On Fire While Cooking Outdoors

Guy Catchs His Pants On Fire VideoThere we have our superhero cooking on a portable grill in his sweatshirt and sweatpants. But a funny thing happens -- he turns around and the crotch of his sweatpants are on fire! He madly tries to put out the fire by beating on it and finally runs to the table and grabs a pitcher of water. Dousing himself with the water he finally gets the fire out hopefully before he lost anything important. The thing I wanted to know about this video was, is this the same guy from a week or so ago that grabbed onto the electric fence? The video quality and the guy in both videos look pretty similar. And of coarse both guys (or is it the same guy?) do similarly stupid things. Look ma, No hands!

Watch this guy catch himself on fire while cooking on a grill.


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Commercial Where The Sofa Attacks A Guy To Keep Him From Escaping Outside

Guy Tries To Escape His Sofa Commercial VideoThis commercial starts out with the guy turning off the TV and then trying to get up from the sofa. The sofa moves however and knocks him back in to it. He gets freaked out and tries to escape but the sofa just keeps pulling him. His war with the sofa destroys his apparentment. Finally the sofa grabs the guys pants and he escapes down the stairs without them. The sofa chases him down the stairs and he's stuck in the doorway because it can't fit through. The guy gets his pants back on, grabs his gym back, and escapes out the front door. The ad is for Reebok and I assume they are advocating going outside and by doing so you'll need to buy their products. I say nevermind the bird, follow the river!

Watch this guy get attacked by his sofa while he tries to escape.


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Having Your Ass Hang Out Of Your Pants Is The Hot New Thing

Cavalera Fashion Show PhotoApparently the latest fashion at the Cavalera's Fashion show is to have your ass hang out the back of your pants. Forget pants that close in the back. These new pants give you a nice breeze wherever you go. Be it the beach or just shopping the pants have you covered (or not in this case). Anyway I am always baffled by fashion shows. What is the point exactly of designing some�suits of clothes�that will never be sold? Maybe these new pants are some kind of camouflage.

Click on over to get a higher resolution photo of the ass hanging�out pants.


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