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Guy With Rockets On His Feet Jumps Off Hot Air Balloon

Guy puts on a skydiving wing suit, straps a jet engine to each of his feet, and jumps off of a hot air balloon for a good time in this video.  It doesn't look like it would be very easy to land with the jet engines on his feet but I assume he just pops a parachute.



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Insain Ski Gliding Video Shot Coming Down From The Top Of Mount Eiger

Ski Gliding VideoHere is a pretty insain video of a couple guys 'ski gliding' from the top of Mount Eiger in Switzerland. What this basically means is these guys have the skydiving parachutes on and skis. Next they push off the top of the mountain and ski/glide down the mountain. They really don't use the skis very much as there is a lot of rock that they are flying over. But what they do use the skis for is to slide and push off various snowy areas. They go down the one slope of the mountain and then turn right down a basically sheer drop and just glide from that point.

Watch the video of the insain ski gliding for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Darwin Award Finalist Rides His Bike One Foot From The Edge Of A Hundred Foot Drop

Crazy Bike VideoI think the guy in this video is playing a few cards short of a full deck. In fact I think he is probably a Darwin Award Finalist and doesn't even know it. In this video he is on top of a hotel somewhere in Asia (or maybe South America). The hotel roof has some kind of design where it has holes all through it. Now this guy is riding his bike around the holes in the hotel roof about one foot from the edge of a 100 story drop to the freeway. And if that weren't bad enough he stands up on the seat of the beat for a good time. Without a parachute. All it would take is a little rock or some bird to come flying by and this guy would be playing "Fly Away Home".

Watch this moron risk his life for a few seconds of video.


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Darwin Award Finalist Base Jumper Hero Jumps And Gets Caught On A Light Pole

Base Jumper VideoDing Ding Ding Darwin Award Finalist Alert! Our hero in this video decides to base jump off a satelite communications tower for a good time. So he jumps off the tower and deploys his chute. Everything is going good and he is coming down for a landing when bam. His chute catchs on the light pole and swings him around. The guy flips around and smacks into the top of the roof and then I would assume falls off and hangs by his parachute. The video ends before we see that part though. Still think base jumping is awesome?

Base jumper takes it in the shorts.


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Guy Jumps Out Of A Plane And Sets His Parachute On Fire For A Good Time

Fire Flight videoOur hero in this video likes skydiving. Except that regular skydiving is for wussies right? You have to take skydiving to the next level which is what the guy in this video does. He jumps out of the plane and then deploys his chute. Now he takes a flare gun out and blows a hole in his parachute which also catchs it on fire. Just how much more extreme can you get than parachuting with a burning parachute? Anyway the chute finally burns up and he dumps it. Falling the rest of the way he deploys a second chute and is safe. Does he get a Darwin Award Finalist medal?

Watch this guy play with fire for a good time.


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Two Drag Racers Spin Wildly Out Of Control And Careen Down the Race Track

Two Dragsters Crash VideoIn this video it starts out with two drag cars revving up at the starting line getting ready to floor it. They take off and get about half way down the track when they both start to spin out. I don't know if there was something on the track down there but they seem to spin out around the same time. The orange car on the left actually rolls on it's side spitting sparks and flips over before rolling into the side fence. A huge piece of metal also flies off of it into the air. Both of their parachutes deploy as they bounce and slide down the track. Apparently everyone was fine after the crash though.

Two dragsters flip over on their way down the race track in this video.


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The Smart Guy In This Video Eats It Going Down A Cliff On Mountain Bike

Guy Drops Off Rock Cliff With Bike VideoThe Darwin Award finalist are coming fast and furious today with another one in this video. Here we have a mountain biker who is being filmed by his friends on his bike. He gets ready and then rolls over to the edge of a granite boulder cliff. Pushing forwards he tries to ride down the 20 foot drop by gravity kicks his ass and he just falls straight down. Let me give the guy in this video a hint: You need a parachute if you want to go base jumping not a mountain bike. Anyway, the guy lands at the bottom and sprawls all over but looks like he is ok.

Watch this winner try to defy gravity and try to bike down a 20 foot cliff.


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Guy Base Jumps Out A Hotel Window In A Large City

Base Jumping From A Hotel VideoIn this video a guy is standing in his hotel room in the middle of a large city. He has a parachute on and then hotel room window is open. Someone else is there with him and they have a helmet on (not sure what for). He says something to the other person and then jumps out the open window while holding the video camera and falls for maybe two to three seconds before pulling his parachute chord. Navigating between the buildings with his parachute he chooses an empty street (though he probably scoped it out beforehand) and comes down for a landing. After he lands in the middle of the empty street and he is gathering up his parachute a taxi driver pulls up who saw him land and tells him to be careful. The base jumper guy says something like "I came out of the sky".

Check the hotel base jump out.

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Defend Yourself From Attack By Helicopter

HeliAttack Flash GameHeliAttack 2 is an interesting side scroller style arcade game. You parachute in and must defend yourself from attack by helicopters. You must shoot down the helicopters before they take you out. The graphics are pretty polished and have a anime style to them. They look all airbrushed and remind me of all the great side scroller video games from the 80s. It has your usual powerups like superjump, jetpack, continuous fire, and others. Overall it is a pretty fun little game but it could get repetative if you play it to much. Music is a plus in this one.

Destroy all the helicopters to get the most points!

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BMW M5 Rocket Car Viral Commercial Video

BMW M5 Commercial VideoIf you haven't seen this BMW commercial for the M5 it is pretty cool. For most of the commercial it shows this rocket car on full burn out in the desert blowing dust everwhere. Near the end of the commercial the rocket car deploys it's black and white parachute and stops. The commercial pans to the left and shows the car that was filming the rocket car. Of coarse it is a BMW M5 (hence the commercial part) with a professional movie camera strapped to the side. BMW is getting pretty good at these viral marketting commericals.

Check out the BMW M5 rocket car video for yourself.


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