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Video Excerpts From The One Man Star Wars Show

This video has some excerpts from a show where a guy performs a short version of Star Wars and he plays all the characters. It's called the One Man Star Wars show.



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Illusionist Performs Disappearing Trick Using A Mirror

Here's a video which shows an illusionist's trick in action. The guy is standing on a table, he lifts up a towl, and disappears. The trick is that there is a mirror running down the middle of the table facing the camera which reflects back the camera side of the table. The illusionist is behind the mirror.



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Woman Performs A Crazy Bicycle Ballet In Germany

Crazy Ballet Bike Performance VideoThe easiest way to describe this video is to say that it is of a women performing a ballet while riding a bicycle. It mainly consists of a woman riding a bicycle around in a gymnasium and doing all kinds of balancing tricks on the bike. While the bike is moving around in a circle she stands on the handlebars, stands on the seat and handlebars, and does the same thing again while the bike is going backwards. Along with that she rides it around on one wheel while sitting on the front of the bike and all kinds of other crazy balancing tricks which can't even begin to be described here. According to the caption of the video it was filmed in Wuerzburg, Germany circa 2001.

Watch the full video of the bicycle ballet for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Performs An Illusion Of Anti Gravity While In A Milk Crate

Anti Gravity Device VideoThe guy in this video does an illusion where it looks like he has created an anti gravity device out of a milk crate. There is a black bottom, a black bar across the crate from one corner to another, a gamepad hooked up to the black bar, and a string tied to the other two corners of the crate. The guy steps into the crate and picks up the controller. He proceeds to rise up out of the box so it looks like there is maybe 2 inchs between his feet and the bottom of the box before 'landing' again. Next up he puts the rope around his shoulders and this time the whole box lifts up so it is maybe two inchs off the ground (and this time he is standing on the bottom of the box).

Watch the full video of this guy's anti gravity milk crate below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Malaysian Michael Jackson Performs On Malaysian Idol In Front Of Impersonator Judges

Malaysian Michael JacksonIn this video we have a guy doing his imitation of Malaysian Michael Jackson for Malaysian Idol (wtf?). The best part of the video though is the judges. They are laughing at the retarded guy doing the Michael Jackson impression when the real impersonators are the judges themselves. All three judges are copies of the American Idol judges. For the most part they look the same. There is the British guy with the spiky attitude, the black haired former singer, and the shaved headed ethnic guy. The music business is so pathetic.

Watch all four of these people make fools of themselves.


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