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Video Demo Of The Havok Physics Engine Using Various Materials

This demo video from some video game show demonstrates the Havok physics engine with a bunch of different materials. They throw objects through various materials (wood, glass, jelly, metal) and they break up, dent, or bounce back like they would in the real world (no pre-animation).



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Demonstration Video Of A 3D Desktop Filled With Physics Enabled Documents

Virtual 3D Document Piles VideoIn this video they demonstrate a desktop interface system where the desktop is a 3d space and 'documents' (or windows) are physics effected objects that can be thrown around, stacked, organized, unorganized, folded, crumpled up, and/or enlarged. The majority of it is them working with small 'square' documents which only show the type of the file (the icon like a PDF). However, near the end of the video they start working with browser windows and images which look and 'feel' like a real stack of physical photos. The interface seems to be completely mouse based with lots of 'circle the 3d document objects' to select them and then perform a function. Probably the best one is the effect of crumpling a document or window up, throwing it in a corner, and watching it bounce around. It seems like it would be a more natural way of organizing (or at least ) accessing windows because instead of a flat surface you have a stack of off center windows where you can see a small amount of the content in each. Combine this with the top down touch screen table display for a couple days ago. Now apply the same functionality to video games or each individual website in a web browser for the win.

Watch the full video of the 3d desktop object demonstration below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Oblivion Domino Rube Goldberg Machine Video Game Physics Video

Oblivion Domino VideoHere is a video of someone who setup a domino topple using books and the physics engine in Oblivion. In case you live under a rock Oblivion is a sandboxy video game which came out recently. The books are all in a row like they were dominos and the guy kicks it off by tipping the first one over. It does have some interesting twists thrown into it like swords that tip over and cut through rope knocking over watermelons which fall on more books and continue the effect. It also seems to have Rube Goldbergish machines built into it including a wiffle ball rolling down stairs, people crashing through stacks of barrels, and a mace and chain swinging to bridge some gaps.

Watch the full video of the Oblivion domino Rube Goldberg machine below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of A Small Engine Plane Hitting Zero Gravity With A Flying Dog In The Back

Vomit Comit VideoHere is an interesting video where these two guys take their small engine plane up and do a anti-grav dive. Now I always thought you had to have a big plane like a 747 to be able to have enough mass to get the no gavity effect but apparently I must have been smoking crack in physics class. The plane these two guys are in seems to be either a small one engine or a two engine plane. The catch is they have a dog in the back. When they hit the zero grav the dog floats up into the air and can't figure out what the hell is happening. Some of the other items in the plane also float. The dog ends up floating upside down until they come back into gravity. Oops.

Watch this dog get freaked out by zero gravity.


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Play Nine Hole Challenge And Practise Your Golf Game For A Good Time

9 Hole Challenge Flash GameA pretty good little golf game. The graphics look nice for a web game but they require an extra Shockwave plugin which auto installs. The game is in 3D and it works out pretty well. Give it a try if you like golf games. It uses your 3D card to render all the graphics which puts it above par over other web based games. Other then that it is your standard golf game with a full set of features. I'm not sure if they have realistic physics built into it or not. But what the hell, it's free right?

Get your golf game on in the 9 Hole Challenge!


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Ring gravity in Halo isn't what it use to be.

Halo Gravity VideoOver at iFilm I found a Halo Physics Experiment video. It is taken in one of the early levels in Halo on the island beach. The person filming the video throws grenades under warthogs and blows them up in the air and over the cliff above. Pretty amazing stuff. When I remember playing that level in Halo I drove the warthog all the way out into the ocean until I hit the end of the level (not quite the same I know). In the same vein Bungie actually went and made a Warthog Flash Game where you set grenades under the Warthog and blow it up attempting to destroy a bunch of aliens in one shot.

Watch the Warthog fly.

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