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Cat Plays The Piano For A Good Time In This Video

The cat in this video plays the piano with one paw and a chin. It's hard to tell if the cat is actually interested in the sound or if there is just fish oil or some such on the keys.



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Guy Plays A Piano By Juggling Some Pink Rubber Balls For An Audience

Play Piano With Balls VideoThis guy is either on a talent TV show or is the intermission entertainment for a magic show. Anyway he gets out some ping rubber balls and walks over to a keyboard piano which is on the floor. He starts playing the piano by throwing the balls down at the keys. Sort of like reverse juggling. He bounces the balls over the keys and plays a tune. He is pretty good at it and plays a number of different tunes this way. Near the end he plays it really fast using four different balls at the same time I think (he warms up with two different balls and then three).

Watch this guy play with his pink rubber balls!


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