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Czech Ninjas Take It On The Chin In The Head And On The Back Literally

Czech Ninjas VideoThis video is some video clips of a couple Czech Republic ninjas getting crazy breaking stuff. First up is your standed kick/punch/headbutt to the pine board. They move on to punching through stacks of ceramic tiles and a sledgehammer to bricks on the head and gut. Good thing the guy with the sledgehammer didn't miss or ninja #2 would be in a world of hurt. And the closing video clips are of one guy breaking a bamboo cane over the other guy's back and leg. Ouch. In some countries they cane you as a punishment but in ninjaland getting caned is a reward!

Watch the full set of video clips featuring the Czech Republic ninjas below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Rams A New Motorcycle Into A Pine Tree Because Motorcycles Are FUN

Guy Runs Into Tree VideoThe guy in this clip just got a new motorcycle. Or maybe it's his friends motorcycle. Anyway he makes a brilliant decision to get on the bike without a helmet and try to go somewhere. However, apparently he forgot how to steer because he pulls away from the curb and goes in a straight line. At the end of the line is a tree. Guy takes motorcycle and meets tree for a battle to stay upright. Tree wins. Game over. You have to wonder if this guy played too many video games.

Watch this genius forget how to steer and ram into a tree for a good time.


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