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Pirates Of The Caribben Rum Cereal Commercial Spoof Video

Rum Cereal Spoof VideoIn this video a guy spoofs 'Pirates of the Caribbean' cereal. First up it shows a short soundless clip from the trailer and then it cuts into the cereal commercial. The guy plays as Captain Jack Sparrow and explains about how nutritious PotC cereal is for you. He goes on to say that it is the only cereal you can eat with rum instead of milk. The table is setup like a Cheerios commercial and then it's stacked with pirate gear like a compass, pistol, hat, etc. The guy gets some of Sparrows mannerisms down as well but falls out of character at a few points. Still a pretty good spoof. If you like cereal commercials.

Watch the full video of the PotC spoof cereal commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ask A Ninja Reviews Dead Mans Chest And Calls It One For The Squid

Ask A Ninja Dead Mans Chest Review VideoSo in this video the 'Ask A Ninja' guy does a review of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest' where he rips it a new one. According to him all of 'the cast were women with eyeshadow and wigs while Kiera Knightley was a more manish version of Orlando Bloom'. He goes on to say that everyone in the entire movie was a pirate including pretend pirates, fish pirates, dead pirates, and on and on. Lastly the only thing the movie had more of than pirates, according to him, is plot lines with the movie ending on a new plotline. His idea of a 'Ninjas of the Caribbean' sounds like a better movie.

Watch the full video of 'Ask A Ninja' tearing into PotC: DMC below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Pirates Come Back From The Dead And Get Revenge On Looters In This Video

Pirate Lego VideoPirates come back from the dead and battle treasure hunters who loot their sunked ship in this lego motion video. It uses a bunch of different video filters to set time and place (sepia filter, blue filter, grainy filter, etc.). I can't tell if they do any stop motion in the video but they do control the lego guys puppetlike with thread. In any event the pirate ship sinks long ago and grows seaweed at the bottom of the sea for a long time. Come 2003 when a set of treasure hunters find the wreck and loot the treasure from it. The pirates wake up and blow up the submarine of the treasure hunters with a cannonball. The rest of the treasure hunters are stranded on an island with the treasure. The pirate ship attacks killing them all but only the pirate captain survives. Watch the video to find out how the captain meets his maker for betraying his crew at the end. It feels like a movie that was made in 'The Movies' video game.

Video the lego puppet stop motion pirate video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Of The Swedish Police Officers Raiding The Pirate Bay Serverfarm

The Pirates Bay Raid VideoApparently on the 31st of May a group of about 50 Swedish police officers raided the server farm of the company which hosts the server for "The Pirate Bay" website. "The Pirate Bay" is a website which indexes torrent files (which are filesharing pointers to other files). Some of these pointers point to files which may infringe copyrights in certain countries. However, "The Pirate Bay" is a prefectly legal service (according to the owners and the local law apparently) where it is hosted which is in Sweden. To make a long story short the MPAA alledgidly put political pressure on a Swedish politician who put pressure on Swedish police to 'raid' this data center. This video is from the security cameras in the data center. It's pretty funny watching these 'police' wander around in the datacenter and pick their noses (literally). Police don't wear uniforms in Sweden or what? Even more interestingly is that usually after the guy with the camo jacket wanders by the police come back and cover the security cameras with garbage bags. Could they be any more unprofessional if they tried? This video doesn't show it but apparently they took ALL of the servers in the datacenter regardless of who owned them. For the win?

Watch the full video of The Pirate Bay police raid below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Funny Pirate Gang Carjacking Mashup Video For A Good Time

Pirate Car Jacking VideoThis video is a mashup of a gang car jacking with an 18th centry pirate attack. The video starts out with some guy getting lost in a bad part of town and having a black car pull up next him. A bunch of pirates spill out of the car and "board" this car via ropes and grappling hooks to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music. More pirates spill out of the trunk with pirate flags and muskets. The guy is finally pulled out of his car and the pirates chase him around the two vehicles to some humorist tune (Benny Hill?). Finally, they knock the guy out and stuff him in the trunk. Then two pirates have a duel before all of the pirates sailing away in the two "ships". Oh and they have to give a jump start to the ship they just captured before they take off.

Watch the full video of the pirate car jacking below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Lord Of The Rings Four Spoof Trailer Where Frodo Teams Up With Link

Lord Of The Rings Four Spoof TrailerThis is some classic stuff right here. In this video which is a fake trailer for a Lord Of The Rings IV movie Frodo and Link (from Zelda) team up. Frodo heads off to the west (which apparently is where Link lives) and teams up with Link to fight evil. They end up fighting a group of pirates (see screencapture), a couple of ninjas, and finally Darth Maul all while running through the woods. Overall I'd say it turned out pretty well as the guy that plays Frodo really looks like him but they could use some post production work on it. The video is washed out for some reason, they weren't able to do a blue screen on the Darth Maul lightsaber so he ends up just wielding a stick, and there aren't any added sound effects (just the narrator and music).

View the full spoof trailer with pirates, ninjas, jedi, Frodo, and Link all togather for a good time below or click over to view it on the main site.


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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg, Pirates In Bikinis Matey!

Pirates In Bikini's PhotoI found an amusing photo over on Yahoo under their most emailed photos category. Apparently it is from a fashion show in Spain which features a woman in a bikini wearing pirate garb (ARRRRRRRRRRRG!) She has the pirate ship captain hat, a toy cutlass, and an eye patch. Oh yeah and she's wearing a somewhat Caribbean themed bikini. Do you look for excuses to dress like a pirate? While wearing a bikini? Which leads me to pose the question "Is there room for a pirate themed blog with everything pirate on it?".

Check out the pirate chick in the bikini and post a comment on what you think about a pirate blog.


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