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Kids Float Around Inside Giant Blow Up Balls On A Pond In China

Floating Blow Up Ball VideoHere is a pretty weird video from I think China where it has kids floating around on a river or pond in blown up plastic balls. There is a launching area and the kid is inside a giant plastic ball. The kid walks up to the water while inside the plastic ball and then floats out onto the water. They've used these kinds of things on game shows in the US before but I've never seen them just put kids in them and float them out onto a pond my themselves. Is the plastic ball sealed or where does their air come from? What happens if one of them starts sinking.

Watch the video of the weird plastic rolling balls with kids in them below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Hero Tries To Run Across A Frozen Pond But Falls Into It Instead For A Good Time

Ice Fall VideoWe have a real winner in this video clip. There are a bunch of people wandering around in the middle of the night at sub zero temperatures (as in lakes are iced over). Anyway they come up to this pond which is iced over and one of the guys decides he's going to run across it. The guy with the camera says don't do it as you'll probably break your leg. The other guy doesn't listen though and tries to run across the iced over pond. CRACK! He falls in right in the middle of the pond and then crabwalks out of it as fast as he can.

Watch this guy take it on the chin... literally.


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Guys Some Up Another Guy With An Exploding Cigar To Get Him To Quit Smoking

Exploding Cigar VideoApparently the guys in this video put some gunpowder on the end of a cigar. Then they gave the cigar to this guy (it is probably one of their dad's or something). The guy goes to light it up and takes a drag on it. At this point it basically explodes in his face with a big cloud of white smoke. Since the guy is sitting in a chair there really isn't any way to get away from the explosion though he does move back to the side. The guy with the video camera does some weird stuff. He swings it around when the guy lights it and captures the explosion and then brings the camera back to a pond and zooms in on a frog as if nothing happened. If I were to guess I would probably say they want this guy to quick smoking.

Watch this guy get more fire from his cigar than he bargained for.


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Video Where This Guy Is Playing One Man Wheel Chair Hockey For A Good Time

Wheel Chair Skate VideoThe guy in this video is out on a frozen ice rink (or pond). Except that instead of on ice skates he is in his wheel chair. The wheels look like they are made of rubber and the friction from them spinning around is enough to let him control where the wheel chair goes. And the best part is he doesn't have to work about falling down (though tipping over might be a problem). I assume this is one of those chairs with the joystick that you just move where you want it to go and it goes. Does that mean wheel chair hockey is on the horizon?

Check out the ice skating wheel chair video for yourself.


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Hummer Driver Out Joyriding Falls Through The Ice And Has To Get A Tow

Hummer Stuck In Frozen Lake PhotoApparently Hummers can't float. The Hummer in this photo is half submerged in a frozen over lake or river in Ontario, Canada. It isn't possible to tell how deep the water is in the photo but it looks like it is probably pretty dangerous for the guy to be sitting on top of the Hummer as they pull it out. The more that I look at the photo the more it makes me think it is just a river or pond and the Hummer broke through the ice. You can make out tracks in the snow off behind the Hummer leading into the water.

View a higher resolution photo of the H2 Hummer stuck in the icy water.


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