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Darth Tater And Spud Trooper Have A New Friend In Artoo Potatoo

Star Wars Potato HeadsLast year Hasbro released Darth Tater, Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. Later on last year they also released "Spud Trooper" another Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. This year they are coming out with Artoo Potatoo which is R2-D2 as a Mr. Potato Head. I haven't quite figured out what the Spud Trooper guy is holding in his right hand there. It looks like a potato masher (maybe that's some kind of potate joke where instead of having a blaster rifle ala Star Wars it's a potato masher). So at some point are they going to come out with a�Mrs. Leia�Potato, Mr. Potato Chewbacca, Jabba the Potato, and Solo Potato?

View the full sized photo of the Mr. Potato Head Star Wars toys.


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Bunch Of Clowns Fire A Sock Out Of A Potato Gun In An Office And Hit Someone In The Face

Sock Gun VideoSo the clows in this video are in what looks like a dot com office and they are playing around with shooting a sock out of a potato gun. The first shot really doesn't do anything and doesn't even make it to the guy that is standing pretty far back. The next shot the come comes closer and is holding a waste bin like a moron. The potato gun fires the sock and it hits the guy right in the face. He falls to the floor and rolls around. Next we see some manager looking guys run over to see if he is OK and then they seem to call for a first aid kit or say he is OK? Hard to tell what's happening when the video ends.

Watch this guy take a sock to the chin.


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Here Is One Way To Get Rid Of Your Old Computer Which Is To Use It For Target Practise

Potato Gun Shot VideoGroup of guys put an old computer outside with a target hanging on it and then get ready for some destruction. They have a potato gun set up maybe 20 feet away from the computer. One guy holds and aims the potato gun while another guy fires it. I assume they used a potato to shoot the computer with. Anyway they hit the old computer and then go up to inspect the damage. It blasted a hole right through the metal side of the computer knocking various parts off. I can't tell if they had the other side of the case on but if they did it was blown off as well.

Watch this old computer get destroyed by a potato gun.


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Mr. Potato Head Goes Star Wars With Darth Tator

Darth Tater PhotoIt looks like Hasbro is getting into the Star Wars spirit this year with their new Mr. Potato Head themed Darth Tater. Scary. It looks like he has a potato body�and all the accessories are from Darth Vader including mask, arms, light saber, cape, helmet, and feet. The eyes are Mr. Potato Head though; I'd know that look anywhere. It looks like you will be able to buy it in February. I wonder if the light saber has an LED in it or they just went with a classic no break toy on this one.

Another Star Wars Toy, Darth Tator.


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