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Guy Powers A Lightbulb Using Two Candles For A Good Time

The demonstration in this video shows a guy powering a lightbulb and then electric motor using candles. He has two candles and drives a nail into each. He magnetizes the nails and hooks a wire to each one and then to the lightbulb. Next he lights the two candles and the lightbulb powers up.



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Video Tells Of As Of Yet Undisclosed Ninja Powers In An Anime Mashup

Real Ninjas VideoHere is a mashup video titled "Real Ninjas" which pokes fun at ninjas, anime, anime mashup videos, Star Wars, and anime music videos. It goes on to state that for example real ninjas are inflateable (see photo) and then plays a anime clip demonstrating this along with some semi relevent American music. It has Barney singing, Chewbacca howling, a spoof of "Dude Where's My Car", a Paula Abdul song, and a bunch of other mashup clips as well. Apparently, real ninjas have theme songs, are inflateable, intelligent, are smooth, go commando in public, among other things. I wonder what "Ask A Ninja" guy has to say about some of these previously undisclosed ninja "powers".

Check out the full 'anime mashup video' spoof strange whatever below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Uses Reverse Movie To Simulate Magic Rock Control Video

Magic Rocks VideoThe guy in this very has wwwaaaayyyyy too much time on his hands. Apparently he is in Alaska and he filmed this video collage there. The video is filmed entirely in reverse according to the caption of the video. It was filmed is such a way as to make it look like this guy is magically controlling rocks. He stacks the rocks up and then pushs them over. Except that when viewed in reverse it looks like he is sucking the rocks up into stacks using his magical powers. So is this guy a fruit cake or do you think this video is cool?

Check out the video of the magic flying rock guy for yourself or view it below.


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