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Live TV Mushroom Cloud Weathercam Video Injection Prank

Here's a funny video of an automated weathercam which was displayed on live Czech TV that was hacked to display a mushroom cloud. The footage looks pretty realistic with the camera whiting out for good period before showing the cloud. There wasn't any shockwave though which kind of gave it away as being a prank. War of the Worlds is that you?



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Various Video Clips Of People Getting Scared By Pranks

Video Of People Getting ScaredIn this video there are a number of video clips of various people getting surprised by their friends. It mostly consists of people jumping out of boxes, trash cans, and just about anywhere you'd least expect it. One video has a cat jumping out of a trash can and scaring the guy that walked up to it pretty good. Another one of the prank clips has what is probably a rookie police officer in a morgue and the 'dead' person stands up. It closes with a woman walking over to a sink full of water and a foot coming up out of the water and wiggling around. There is probably a kid under the sink with his leg up the drain pipe and sealed with some kind of rubber gasket.

Watch the video below of these people getting scared out of their wits below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Prank Where A Guy Turns Into Superman During A College Lecture

Superman Rides Again VideoIn this video a bunch of college students are sitting in a lecture hall listening to a lecture. A guy near the front row gets a call on his cell phone and stands up. He throws his cell phone down (it explodes into hundreds of pieces) and rips off his clothes to uncover a superman suit he is wearing underneath. He charges up the eisle, stoping at the top of the stairs to pose like superman, and then charges out of the doors and away. It is obviously pre-planned because there are two different camera angles but it is believable that it happened in a real lecture vs. being complete staged. Most of the college students don't even look around as he runs by.

Check out the full video of this superman in a college lecture below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Internet Classic Where A Guy Gets A Banana To The Face For Pulling A Prank

Guy Takes Banana To The Face VideoHere is a classic video that has been around for awhile. The guy on the left in the video is fixing an electrial outlet. The guy on the right is eating a banana and holding the flashlight. The guy on the left pretends that he is getting electrocuted by screaming and shaking all over to see what the guy on the right would do. The guy on the right jumps back scared out of his wits. Until the guy on the left starts laughing his head off that is. At this point the guy on the right stabs the guy on the left in the eye with his half eaten banana. Classic.

Do you want fried banana with your fake electrocution?


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Water Balloon Launchers Try For Lawsuit

Water Balloon Launcher Video

The video appears to be filmed by some college or highschool students on the balcony of a condo. The balcony is pretty high up from the street so the water balloons have to fly pretty far. At the beginning of the video they show off the water balloon slingshot which is attached to a patio chair. The intended target in the video is a guy walking his dog down on the bike path. The pranksters shoot quite a few water balloons at the guy and he can't figure out where they are coming from. He keeps looking in their direction and the water balloons keep flying at him. The picture at the right is a still of a water balloon hitting the grass from the water balloon launch video. The spot next to the guy watching is where a water balloon hit in a previous shot. At the very end of the video they almost hit the guy's dog with the water balloon. Maybe the guy was hoping they would hit him with the water balloon so he could sue them.

Don't try this at home boys and girls (unless you want to get sued that is).


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