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Print Images On Bread Using A Blowtorch Inkjet Toaster

This guy has a printer setup that writes images on toast using a small blowtorch. It's basically an ink jet printer except that it uses a blowtorch instead. One of a kind toaster.



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Low Cost Almost Consumer Level 3D Color Scanner For Sale

3D ScannerHere's an almost consumer level product which is a 3D laser scanner. It costs around $2500 and you can put any smallish object on front of the scanner to be scanned in. It scans the object and scans a full color texture for the object. Apparently it can also control the turn table to scan the multiple angles of the object automatically. Pair this up with a 3D printer and you have your own almost consumer priced fabrication lab that fits on top of a desk.



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Cool Computer IO Paint Brush Device Lets You Paint With Video

IO Paint Brush VideoHere's a video of a prototype computer input output device which is designed like a paint brush. It has a built in video camera into the head of the brush which allows it to pick up "video textures" or still colors and textures. For example, they show the paint brush recording someone blinking their eye and then painting the eye blink texture on a computer screen canvas. It's hard to tell if the screen canvas is touch sensitive or not (I think it is) as it shows someone smudging one of the images with their finger. However, it's possible that the paint brush device just records itself drawing. It picks up all kinds of textures like this fur print off this hand bag and works exactly like a paint brush after that. Watch the video for a better visual explanation.

Check out the IO paint brush video for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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People Sketch Up Some Furniture And Then Print It Out With A Rapid Prototyper

Furniture Sketch VideoIn this video the two people are holding motion capture pens and using them to 'sketch' in the air. The Nintendo Wii controller could perform a similar task theoretically. They sketch up some furniture and then load the sketchs into a rapid protype printer and print up the furniture. The video itself is somewhat of a fakeout because the video has computer generated graphics where the people sketched but they themselves can't see what they are sketching in real time. It might help if they had a semitransparent display they could look through and actually see what they are sketching instead of only seeing it in their mind's eye. I'd think you'd have better like making furniture with one of those 3D lathe softwares and then rapid prototyping the object instead.

Check out the full video of these people sketching up some furniture for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Get Ready For Christmas With This Shuriken Maker Er I Mean Snowflake Maker

Snowflake MakerSo this snowflake maker first came online in January 2003. Since that time there have been over 3.6 million snowflakes created and saved with it. Basically it mimics a piece of paper that is folded into a triangle that, when cut, unfolds to look like a snowflake. You can print out or save the snowflakes that you make or even email them to your friends. Personally since this is NinjaWax I created a shuriken snowflake for the ultimate snowball fight ninja device.

Check out the shuriken maker er I mean Snowflake Maker and post a link to your deadly snowflakes!


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Photo Of A Crazy Looking Nocturnal Lemur Called An Aye Aye

Arboreal Nocturnal Lemur PhotoNow there is a face only a mother could love. This is currently the most emailed photo on Yahoo. It is of the first captive bred "aye-aye" to be born in the UK. The aye-aye is a aboreal nocturnal lemur but if you ask me it looks like a long haired mutant rat that has been drinking to much radiated water. Apparently the aye-aye is the largest nocturnal primate in the world. Frankly this thing is just plain weird looking. If fact it kind of looks like Dobbie from the Harry Potter movies.

Check out the full size photo of the crazy looking aye-aye and then see a second photo of the aye-aye here.


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Dragon Optical Illusion That Will Freak You Out

Dragon Illusion VideoThe dragon optical illusion in this video is pretty cool. The website it is from even has a PDF you can print out and may one for yourself. The basic principle of the illusion is that depending on which angle you look at the dragons head it always appears to be looking straight at you. This is accomplished by the fact that the face of the dragon is hollow and we mis-interpret what the actual shape is. According to the website the dragon was designed by Jerry Andrus and he calls it "Eye-Foolery".

Check out the paper dragon for yourself.


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Marketing with corporate logos on fruit?

Halloween Apple Picture

Are you ready for corporate logos on fruit as a marketing gimmick? I was surfing around the net and came across an article about creating images on the skin of an apple. The process, which is rather like lithography, involves placing a bag over each apple early in the growing season to keep it from ripening. About two weeks before picking the apples they would remove the bag and place a transparent sticker on the apple. The sticker would also have some type of logo printed on it (for example a Jack-O-Lantern like in the picture). The apple would ripen normally and the area under the logo would stay lighter than the rest of the apple. The article says that a supermarket in the UK sold apples like the one pictured for Halloween. The process seems somewhat cost prohibitive but there might be other ways to do the same kind of thing (with a laser or water-soluble edible ink).

Read the whole Halloween Apple article.


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