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People Sketch Up Some Furniture And Then Print It Out With A Rapid Prototyper

Furniture Sketch VideoIn this video the two people are holding motion capture pens and using them to 'sketch' in the air. The Nintendo Wii controller could perform a similar task theoretically. They sketch up some furniture and then load the sketchs into a rapid protype printer and print up the furniture. The video itself is somewhat of a fakeout because the video has computer generated graphics where the people sketched but they themselves can't see what they are sketching in real time. It might help if they had a semitransparent display they could look through and actually see what they are sketching instead of only seeing it in their mind's eye. I'd think you'd have better like making furniture with one of those 3D lathe softwares and then rapid prototyping the object instead.

Check out the full video of these people sketching up some furniture for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Burning Chemical Truck Explodes In A Giant Fireball That Engulfs The Freeway

Giant Explosion VideoIn this video which looks like it happened in Asia somewhere there is a chemical truck on fire on a freeway. There are a bunch of fire crews all around trying to keep the truck cool but the fire is rapidly spiraling out of control. Around half way through the video the truck loses it and explodes in a HUGE fireball that engulfs the surrounding firetrucks and guys. You really have to watch the video to get an idea of how big of an explosion it really is. The fire cloud stretchs up over the video camers recording the fire. Near the end of the video it says four people suffered burns but no one was hurt in the giant blast.

Check out the video of the truck exploding in a giant fireball.


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