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Lego Stop Motion Rave Bass Attack Video For The Win

Lego Rave Attack VideoHere is a video done using legos and stop motion to mimic a rave club scene. Some lego cars pull up to the blue cube club and the lego guys go inside. Next a crowd of lego people show up an go inside as well. The video fades to the inside of the club and has all the lego guys brake dancing and tripping out to techno music. The stop motion is timed to the beat of the music so it works pretty well overall. Additionally, every stop motion beat the lighting is also changed which gives a strobe effect like you'd see in a rave club. Now they need legos with LEDs built into them.

Watch the full video of the stop motion lego rave below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Car Alarms Second As Improv Raver Dance System In This Commercial

Raver Car Alarm VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial except that the actual brand advertisement part of it is cut off. Anyway there is a guy walking down the street and he walks to close to a car which sets off his car alarm. He turns to look at the car and continues looking around when another guy comes up in a 70s outfit and starts dancing to the car alarm.�He's pulling all kinds of crazy dance moves and saying jabbering in some foreign language. The first guy walks off and the raver guy continues raving to the car alarm. Nice.

Watch this raver get crazy with the car alarm.


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