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Guy Trades A Beer For A Radio For A Katana For A Girl Friend For A Case Of Beer

Beer Trade VideoHere's a funny beer commercial which plays on the same idea that the "One Red Paperclip" guy used which was to keep trading away an item for a bigger item until he got a house. In the commercial the guy starts out with a bottle of beer and then trades it for a portable radio. He trades that for some balloons which he trades for a katana which he trades for a rack of suits and on and on. At one point he trades some pink poodles for a girlfriend which he then trades to a cop for his horse. Finally he trades for what I think is a Rolls Royce. The very last trade he makes is the Rolls Royce for a case of the beer that he started out with.

Check out the video of the beer trade commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Built A Moving Stargate Out Of Legos For A Good Time

Lego Stargate PhotosA guy build a moving stargate out of legos and has a bunch of photos to show for it. Unfortinately there doesn't seem to be a video of the starget in action. However, he has the starget hooked up to a RCX treadmill (whatever that is) which spins the stargate around for a random number of seconds and repeats that seven times. The chevrons (the little red things on the gate) have LED lego blocks in them which light up as well. Legos seem to be a pretty way to fast prototype things based on some of the other projects I've seen done with them.

Check out all of the photos of this lego stargate for yourself.


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Accident Where A Driver Runs A Red Light And Hits A Biker And The Biker Is Fine

Crazy Bike Accident VideoIn this video the green car runs a red light (according to the caption) and hits a motorbike. The guy on the motorbike rolls onto the car windshield and hits his head on the glass (you can see the cracks where he hit it) before coming back down on his bike with his shoulder and finally falling to his feet on the pavement. From here he starts walking around yelling and throwing up his hands. It's pretty amazing that he is able to walk around after being hit like that. He walks off camera for a moment and stands on the center divider (so he doesn't get hit again) before walking back and picking up his backpack out of the street. The lady in the car gets out and watchs talks to the guy from near her car.

Watch the video of this guy getting hit by a car on his bike and walking away from the accident.


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Video Clips Of Gattling Guns Plastering Their Training Targets

Gattling Gun VideoThis video is a set of clips from training exercises using a gattling gun according to the caption for the video. The various clips include gunners firing the gattling gun from a heliocopter, from the back of a humvee, and from what looks like a helicopter gunship. It looks like a firehose when the guy is firing it from the helicopter with a constant stream of tracers shooting out and exploding on the targets (which look like junk cars). It also includes various shots using night vision. The color of the tracers from the helicopter gunship gattling gun seem to be a different color as well (more of a red) and they look like a volcano bouncing up after hitting the target.

Watch the full video of the training exercises with a gattling gun below or click over and view it on the host site.


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When Blue Is Not Blue In Magical Fantasy Land Japan

Blue Roses PhotoSo for some unknown reason the most emailed photo on Yahoo right now is this photo of an arrangement of 'blue roses'. As you can see in the photo the roses are not even remotely blue so I have no idea how blue has turned into lavender is the magical fantasy land of Japan. They might be blue based (verses red based) lavender but these are not blue. Back to the drawing board there DNA scientist guys. How about mixing in some jelly fish DNA so the roses can glow in the dark for the win.

Head over and see the full sized photo of this not so blue blue roses.


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Photo Of Guy In Mexico Who Weighs Around 1200 Pounds

1200 Pound Guy PhotoA day or so ago I read an article about this guy in Mexico who they estimate weighs something like 1200 pounds. Apparently they don't have a scale that can weight him so that is really just an estimate based on how big around he his. They think he is probably the largest living human at the moment. The world record seems to be at around 1400 pounds from a guy who died awhile ago. According to the article this 1200 pound guy has contected a doctor in Italy and at some point in the near future he will be traveling there on a special plane to have the stomach reducing surgery. If this guy can't even stand up on his own how does he use the restroom and how much food does he had to eat to stay the size he is?

Head over and check out the full sized photo of this guy that weighs around 1200 pounds.


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Machinima Movie Version Of Little Red Ridinghood

Little Red Ridinghood MovieHere is a machinima film of the age old 'Little Red Ridinghood' story. Little Red Ridinghood is given the task of taking some medicine to her grandmother who lives in the woods. While traveling through the woods she meets a wolf who goes on ahead of her to grandmother's house. The wolf gobbles up grandmother and then sets a trap for Little Red Ridinghood. When Little Red Ridinghood gets there the wolf gobbles her up as well. A woodsman happens along, kills the wolf, and saves grandmother and Little Red Ridinghood. It was filmed using the video game, 'The Movies'.

Head over and check out the full version of the Little Red Ridinghood Machinima movie for yourself.


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Big Red Truck Makes Metal Confetti Out Of Two Small Cars In This Video

Truck Crush Test VideoHere is a pretty amazing car accident test video done on what happens when a large truck rear ends a number of stopped cars. In the video they have maybe six to eight cars at a fake Stop sign and they have a large dump truck sized truck which they slam into the rear car. The last two cars in line pretty much completely disintegrate under the force of the truck. The very last car is completely gone, the second to last car is a pancake between the third car and the dump truck and the third car crashs into the fourth car but the passenger area stays intact. If you look closely the very last car seems to get ripped off it's chassy completely like it was made of paper. They are using European cars and a European truck in the video.

Check out the full video of the dump truck turning two cars into metal shreds for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Matrix Ping Pong Spoof Effects Operated By Chameleon Ninjas

Matrix Ping Pong VideoHere's a widely popular spoof of the Matrix done using pingpong and live action effects.  Obviously if you've seen the Matrix you know about their wide angle shots, camera pans, slow motion, and exaggerated character movement. In this spoof of it they have a pingpong table setup on a black background. There is a red player and a orange player. What you don't see (for the most part) is the people dressed in black who blend in with the black background (we've posted a similar video before). In this video, there is a ninja guy in black who moves the ping pong ball around. Additionally there are two people working each "player" in the ping pong game. The main guy in the suit has black pants on and there is another ninja guy dressed in black who opperates his colored legs. They fake all the camera pans, wide shots, and slow motion in real time. It looks surprisingly good.

View the full video below of the Matrix Ping Pong spoof or click over and view it on the host site.


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RedBeard The Pirate Attacks A British Fort In This Stop Motion Lego Video

Lego Pirate Stop Motion VideoHere's a stop motion pirate video done with a couple of the Lego pirate play sets. Apparently there was no lego spyglass so the guy had to make one out of plastic or some such. Anyway, the pirate ship is cruising along in the plastic wrap water when it sights an English fort. Captain Redbeard orders the pirate ship to fire on the fort while chasing a monkey around trying to get his hat back. The British fort wakes up and blows the pirate ship out of the water. I'd be able to handle the stop motion part but I doubt I'd have the patients to do the smoke cotton firing out of the cannons and the plastic wrap water.

View the full video of the lego pirate attack on the British fort below or click over and view it on the host site.


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