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Pigeon Attempts To Land On A Car And Is Rejected In This Car Commercial

Bird Deflect VideoHere's a funny car commercial which features the car protecting itself from a pigeon. The pigeon is sitting up on the tree eyeing the car and then flies down to land on the car. The car has other ideas however and using it's anti pigeon technology wacks the pigeon away from the car with it's hood. The pigeon is entirely CG or so claims the caption for the video. It's probably possible that the pigeon on the branch and flying towards the car is real and then when the bird gets hit it turns into a CG bird and sprawls on the ground. Apparently Ford sells these kinds of cars in Europe? Good luck with that.

Check out the pigeon deflector car commercial video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Darth Vader Gets Rejected By A Marketing Exec At Orange In This Commercial

Darth Vader Pitch VideoHere we have a commercial for what I think is a cell phone company (Orange?). Anyway Darth Vader is attempting to pitch a new movie for himself to a group of "marketing" people sitting on a panel. Suffice to say they don't buy it even when Darth Vader busts out with the Jedi mind tricks. What is missing from the commercial is where Vader pulls out his light saber and cuts this clows down to size for talking back to him. Who ever heard of calling a cell phone company "Orange" anyway. Idiots.

Check out the stupid commercial which whore's out Darth Vader for yourself.


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