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Neighborhood Devolves Into Battleground Over Shared Internet In This Commercial

Funny DSL Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial by PacBell for their DSL internet service (verses cable internet). The video shows a nice suburban neighborhood with green grass etc. and then they start showing problems. According to the commercial the problems are caused by people having to share their internet service because they all have cable internet and are all trying to use it at the same time (causing it to be slow). The neighborhood slides into a battleground where neighbors are sabataging each other in revenge for the slow internet. It's also funny how hypocritical this video ad is coming from PacBell as they don't support net neutrality.

Watch the commercial video below of what could happen if everyone was sharing the same cable internet connection or click over and view it on the host site.


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Buck Takes Revenge On A Hunter And Curb Stomps Him

This video starts out with a hunter spinning away from a charging buck and dropping his rifle. The buck proceeds to pound at the hunter with his front hooves while the hunter scrables around on the ground. In the first round before the guy goes down the buck lands a pretty good shot to the guy's head. From there it consists of the guy trying to fend off the hooves and grab the buck's neck for some unknown reason. As you can see in a fair fight (without the gun) the hunter takes it on the chin for a change. I'm thinking this guy should have retreated instead of falling down to get malled.

Check out the full video of the buck stomping the crap out of a hunter below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Pirates Come Back From The Dead And Get Revenge On Looters In This Video

Pirate Lego VideoPirates come back from the dead and battle treasure hunters who loot their sunked ship in this lego motion video. It uses a bunch of different video filters to set time and place (sepia filter, blue filter, grainy filter, etc.). I can't tell if they do any stop motion in the video but they do control the lego guys puppetlike with thread. In any event the pirate ship sinks long ago and grows seaweed at the bottom of the sea for a long time. Come 2003 when a set of treasure hunters find the wreck and loot the treasure from it. The pirates wake up and blow up the submarine of the treasure hunters with a cannonball. The rest of the treasure hunters are stranded on an island with the treasure. The pirate ship attacks killing them all but only the pirate captain survives. Watch the video to find out how the captain meets his maker for betraying his crew at the end. It feels like a movie that was made in 'The Movies' video game.

Video the lego puppet stop motion pirate video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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LucasArts Commercial For Revenge Of The Sith At The Dinner Table

Sith Commercial VideoHere is a pretty funny commercial from LucasArts for their Revenge of the Sith franchise milking machine video game. It is a fake home movie at the dinner table with the family. There is the blonde mom, the annoying brother, the bespeckled dad, the loopy uncle, and the little sister. The loopy uncle is talking trash to the little sister about his claw hand. He bust out the cup and pretends he is Darth Vader. The little sister gets fed up and whoops out a lightsaber, promptly cutting his hand off before sitting down again like nothing happened.

Waste time at work watching this stupid but amusing LucasArts commercial.

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Bear Decides That The Goldielocks Sitting Next To Him Ate The Last Porridge

Bear Goes Crazy VideoAgain we have another Darwin Award Finalist video for you. In this video we have a bear "trainer" in a karate suit (gi?), a big bear (grizzly or black?), and a woman sitting in the chair. The woman is a little unsure as she sits down next to the bear but everything seems to be going fine. The trainer gives the bear a treat and then the bear looks over at the women. At some point the bear decides the woman seriously pisses him off and he attacks here with claws and face (wearing a muzzle)? The trainer starts slapping uselessly at the bear and the video ends. Hello? Who cut off the end of the video? We want to see the bear get revenge.

Watch the bear whomp all over this lady.


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Guy Slaps His Computer And Then His Computer Slaps Him Back In This Video

Guy Attacks Computer Computer Attacks Guy VideoThis video is a remake of an internet classic. In the classic video the guy bangs on his computer when it doesn't work. In this video the guy sits down at his desk and tries to plug in his laptop to the docking station. The docking station keeps kicking the laptop back out. He slaps the side of the monitor with his hand and another guy looks over the cube wall to see what is going on. The guy can't take it any more and starts banging on the keyboard with his fist. Suddenly the keyboard flips up and slaps the guy in the head. The guy grabs the keyboard and wacks the monitor like a baseball bat knocking it to the floor. The monitor bounces around a bit and then flies up and wacks the guy in the face in revenge.

Watch the computer destroy this guy in a remake of the classic computer beat down video.


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