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Guy With Rockets On His Feet Jumps Off Hot Air Balloon

Guy puts on a skydiving wing suit, straps a jet engine to each of his feet, and jumps off of a hot air balloon for a good time in this video.� It doesn't look like it would be very easy to land with the jet engines on his feet but I assume he just pops a parachute.



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Model Rocket Mounted Launch Cam Footage For The Win

In this video the camera is mounted on a model rocket facing downwards as it launchs. It looks like they launch multiple rockets at the same time from the smoke trails. Also if you look at 0:11 in the video it seems like either the video distorts or the fins on the tail of the rocket turn into jelly for a few seconds before reverting back to their static positions.



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RC B-29 Model Launchs A RC X-1 Rocket Plane Model In This Video

Here's a video of an remote control B-29 model carrying a remoted control X-1 rocket plane model. The B-29 takes off and�drops the rocket plane. The rocket plane ignites and shoots upwards before coming back and landing. The B-29 model does a few fly bys of the camera including one where it flies by upside down and does a backwards loop. Both planes land safely verses other videos where they fly a big model and then crash it by mistake.



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First Public Blue Origin Reusable Rocket Test Flight Video

Apparently it went up to about 295 feet and then they brought it back down. They have high resolution photos over on their website plus additional videos.



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Super Mentos Diet Soda Rocket Shoots Over A Two Story House

Super Mentos Diet Soda Rocket VideoThis is probably the ultimate mentos diet soda rocket as when the guy fires it off it flies over a two story house and lands on the other side. In an additional video the guy shows how he uses only two mentos to get this soda rocket off the ground. He chews one up and puts it in the cap and then sticks another one to it. Once he has the cap on he knocks them down into the soda and shakes it up. Once it takes it out and throws it down at the street it blasts off. I'd assume that the reason less mentos makes it go farther is that with to many mentos in there it is either too much thrust or the thrust is curtailed by to many bubbles.

Check out the full sized video of the super mentos diet soda rocket below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Giant Mutant Tomato Grown In Japan Almost Four Inchs Across

Mutant Tomato PhotoA farmer in Japan who has been growing tomatos for 30 years recently grew this giant mutant tomato which he says looks like a Chinese lion mask. Apparently the mutant tomato is about three times normal size at 10 cm across and weighting 150 grams (or about a third of a pound). So is the farm down wind from one of the nuclear blasts from WWII or possibly getting water from one of their nuclear plants. Next thing you know they will clone this mutant tomato and it will be a delicacy in Japan like square watermelons.

Check out the full size photo plus article about this huge mutant tomato after the jump.


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Over 36000 Bottle Rockets Fire Off In These Two Videos For July 4th

Thirty Six Thousand Bottle Rockets VideosUp for today we have two different videos with one featuring 20,000 bottle rockets being shot off (plus 16,000 firecrackers) and the other featuring 16,000 bottle rockets all being shot off at once. In the first video which has the firecrackers it starts with them lighting it up and then running back. Their description of the video is "It starts slow and then turns into Vietnam" which is apt since when it really starts to go off they end up running away from it as fast as they can (warning: language). The second video goes into more detail showing the bottle rockets they bought before they take them out and setting them all off (via sparklers). Neither of them have a very good video camera setup.

Watch both videos of the tens of thousands of bottle rockets going off below or click over and view them on the shot site.


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Laser Sighted Lego Rocket Launcher For The Win

Lego Rocket Launcher VideoHere is a set of four videos from different angles showing off a laser sighted rocket launcher built out of legos. The main video has four targets and the rocket launcher detects them, sights the laser on it, and fires a projectile at the target. The other videos are of the same operation but from different angles (with the gun cam angle you can see the laser dot on each target). The side angle video shows the lego rockets dropping down into the 'barrel' from a top feed hamper before being catapulted out towards the target. I assume this is using Lego Mindstorm or whatever it is called now.

Head over and check out the four videos of the laser sighted lego rocket launcher.


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Mentos And Diet Soda Combine To Form Soda Rockets In This Video

Mento Rockets VideoYou've probably seen the videos of mentos being dropped into two liter bottles of diet soda causing a giant fountain of soda. This video is a little different in that instead of the people shooting the soda up they are shooting the bottle up like a bottle rocket (or trying to anyway). The guy wraps what looks like plastic wrap around a bunch of mentos, sticks that in the two liter bottom, and then tightens the cap on. He then takes the bottom and throws it down onto pavement which I assume breaks the cap and lets the mentos react with the soda. The first one works pretty good and shoots up about thirty feet or so. The next bottle bounces the first time and finally takes off sideways. The last rocket they try duct taping two bottles togather and then throwing them down. As far as I can tell one side didn't burst open so it just spins around, like one of those 'flower' fireworks, shooting diet soda everywhere.

Watch the mentos diet soda rocket video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Spray On Fabric Comes In A Can For The Win Photo And Video

Spray On Fabric PhotoApparently this company Fabrican Ltd. developed fabric which comes in a can that you can spray on whatever you want. Make a new shirt or add on to current garments. One of the best applications for this technology though is probably in emergency services (ambliance personal, first aid kits, and/or battle medics). You could just spray on a temporary bandage which contained antibiotics, antiseptics,�and blood coagulants onto a wound in the field before transport to a medical facility. There appears to be two example photos of the spray on fabric. One of them is at the website of Fabrican and the second is over at We Make Money Not Art�which has a t-shirt looking spray on photo. However, it doesn't look like there is any commercially available Fabrican at the moment.

Check out the Rocketboom video which also features a story about the spray on fabric.


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