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Guy Builds His Own Stonehenge Using Sticks And Rocks For A Good Time

Stonehenge Reloaded VideoGuy in this video is working on his own Stonehenge using only sticks and rocks. In the video his rolls a one ton rock along a specially designed wooden platform using only his hand. He shows how he uses a stone under a huge block of concrete to spin it around and how if he puts another stone under it he can move it with a lever system. In another video clip he moves an entire bard using this method. He takes a huge Stonehenge style block and drops it upright in a hole using some weights, rope, and sticks. In order to get the huge piece of rock high enough to drop it in he rocks it back and forth and sticks a stick in each side of the fulcrum after he rocks it. Reminds me of the Coral Castle guy in Florida. He puts the National Geographic (?) Easter Island guys who were doing something similar to shame though.

View the video of this guy building his own Stonehenge using sticks and rocks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Classic Video Games Depictred In Stop Motion Video Of Household Objects

Stop Motion Video Game VideoIn this video someone out there on the interweb took the time to create stop motion homages to old video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders. The items in the stop motion video are all from around the house like sponges, toys, cupcakes, salt shakers, leaves, bugs, rocks, etc. First up it features Centipede using cupcakes, muffins, birthday candles, and salt shakers. They did a pretty good job capturing the gameplay in all of them. Next up is Frogger which uses sponges, sequence, watchs, pretzels, and other such items to create a pretty accurate depiction of Frogger even down to the high score. Next up is Asteroids, Space Invaders, and finally Pac-Man where Pac-Man is played by a pizza.

Click over and check out the full stop motion video homage to classic video games.


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Guy Uses Reverse Movie To Simulate Magic Rock Control Video

Magic Rocks VideoThe guy in this very has wwwaaaayyyyy too much time on his hands. Apparently he is in Alaska and he filmed this video collage there. The video is filmed entirely in reverse according to the caption of the video. It was filmed is such a way as to make it look like this guy is magically controlling rocks. He stacks the rocks up and then pushs them over. Except that when viewed in reverse it looks like he is sucking the rocks up into stacks using his magical powers. So is this guy a fruit cake or do you think this video is cool?

Check out the video of the magic flying rock guy for yourself or view it below.


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Guy Tries To Impress The Camera And Rams His Jetski Into Some Rocks

Jetski Crash VideoWhat happens when stupid people get put in charge of vehicles with powerful gas guzzling motors? Well for example in this video they ram them into rocks and fall off. The guy in this video is on a Jetski and decides to circle the boat with the video camera. The makes the first circle fine but on the next circle he has a little problem. For whatever reason on the next pass he just keeps going straight and rams into the rocks on the shore of the river. After hitting the rocks he either falls off or is thrown off to the right side of the jetski. Brilliant.

Watch this guy crash his jetski.


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Two Thieves Try To Break Into A Store And Almost Get Stoned To Death

Thief VideoThat crazy safety glass will get you every time. The poor bastards in this video are trying to break into a store. We have one guy standing on lookout while another guy goes to get some rocks. He comes back and throws a rock at the window. BAM! It bounces off and hits his buddy right in the back of the head. The buddy is out cold on the ground but the rock thrower doesn't notice. BAM! The second rock bounces back and hits the rock thrower guy right in the face. He goes down cold too. Crime pays...with rocks in the face.

Watch these two thiefs take it in the head litterally.


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Tomahawk Missle Or Other Bunker Buster Slams Into A Bunker And Explodes

Tomahawk Boom VideoIn this video there is what appears to be a bunker access tunnel of ventilation shaft. Now down comes a Tomahawk mission or some other such bunker buster bomb and slams into it for a giant explosion. The amount of dirt that is plowed up and expands outward like a wave is just amazing. There is giant clods of dirt raining down for at least ten seconds after the hit and even then the smoke is unbelievable. Even the video camera which is recording the explosion is rocked by the falling dirt and rocks.

Watch this bunker buster bomb take out a bunker.


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Hop On Your Bike And Avoid The Border Patrol In This Flash Game

Immigration Game Flash GameYou hop the border on your bycycle and must stay away from the police as long as possible. The view is from top down onto your bycycle while police cars come after you. Once they catch you three times game over. Graphics have a cool style and it can be tricky to stay away from the police. Hint: going in a tight circle seems to work pretty well as the police cars can't turn as tight as you can on your bike. Oh and when you go over rocks you jump up in the air.

Run from the Border Patrol in this amusing game.


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Guy Snaps The Front Axle Of His New H2 Hummer On Some Rocks

H2 Hummer Axle Breaks VideoI don't think this guy got the memo about the H2 Hummer. It's a civilian vehicle now even though it costs a hundred thousand or so. Which means you really aren't suppost to take it off road (aka FAKE OUT) in my opinion. You didn't think you were actually buying an off road vehicle when you bought one right? Anyway in this video the H2 hummer slowly comes up the rocky hill until it gets to the bigger rocks. It rolls over the big rock and then starts spinning it's wheels. We here a CRUNCH like a clutch not going into gear and then both wheels are both turned inwards. That can't be good. Probably broke the front axle. Back to the dealership rock steady. And and good luck getting a tow truck.

Watch this smart guy break the front axle of his H2 Hummer on some rocks.


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Solve Each Different Maze By Navigating Your Monkey Around Collecting Stuff

Monkey Maze Flash GameMonkeyMaze is a cool cross between a puzzle game and an arcade game. There is a group of objects that you have to collect while avoiding monsters and falling rocks within the maze.The graphics are retro but cool and professional. The only complaint I have is that the viewable area of the flash game is pretty small. I went back and played this again and it actually is pretty cool. The trick is to go quick in order to pick up the items that are below the rocks as they fall on your head if you aren't quick enough.

Get your game on when you navigate your Monkey through the maze.


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Car Accident Involving A Brand New Dodge Viper And A Drainage Ditch In Las Vegas

Dodge Viper Car Accident PhotoThe brand new Dodge Viper in this car accident was driven to aggresively according to the caption for the photo. The accident happened in Las Vegas and if you haven't been there the freeways (and roads for that matter) are flanked by red desert rocks and cement drainage ditchs. It looks like from the photo that the Dodge Viper driver lost control and drove off over the rocks and into the drainage ditch. It looks like the back window of the car is laying on the left of the photo but I'm not sure how the back of the car could have been ripped off like that unless the car flipped or some such when it hit the drainage ditch.

Check out the full resolution photo of the wrecked Dodge Viper in Vegas for yourself.


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