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High School Band Clones Halo Theme Song For The Win

Halo Theme Song VideoHere's a video of a high school band playing their version of the Halo theme song. It sounds pretty good and features a violin, electric guitar, and drums. This version of the video is in their 'studio' AKA the living room. There are two additional versions in the related section on the host site where they play the Halo theme song at their high school talent show. The sound is much better in this video but lacks the stage effects. It reminds me of TheMetalBandWhichShallNotBeNamed which partnered with a symphony. I wonder how Bungie feels about fanmusic. Will they pull a TheMetalBandWhichShallNotBeNamed or let it be?

Check out the video of the high school band Halo theme song below and click over to the host site to view the other two videos.


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Crypt Of Civilization Closed In 1940 To Be Opened In 8113 AD

Civilization Crypt ArticleHere's an article about a time capsule vault crypt built around 1940 in a basement room in Oglethorpe University in Georgia. Apparently it is suppost to be a Crypt of Civilization to be opened around 8113 AD. The head of the university at the time didn't want future generations to have to guess about the current civilization or some such. They put togather a bunch of microfilm (which had just been created) of important books and other information plus whatever other cultural items they could stuff into the size of the vault.

Read the full article for yourself about the Crypt of Civilization.


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Set Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners Dance In Unison To Music

Robot Vacuum Dance VideoThere isn't really any caption information that explains this video but as far as I can tell these are a couple of vacuum cleaners. There is a music track playing in the background and the vacuum cleaners 'dance' to it. I can't tell if they are automated or someone is controlling them via a remote control. One modification they seem to have is the little multicolored white tube sticking out of the top of each one. On top of the tube seems to be a styrafoam ball which puffs up and down on a cushion of air blown out by the vacuum. These look much bigger than your standard Roomba so maybe they were prototypes or some such?

Watch the full video of the dancing vacuum cleaner robots below or click over and view it on the host site.


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From Russia With Ice Sculptures And Chain Saws For the Win

Ice Sculpture VideoI have no idea if this video is from Russia or not but it sounds good. Anyway this video is pretty slow except for the two or three seconds where the ice sculpture turns into so many ice cubes. A guy with a chain saw walks around cutting the supports out from under the ice sculpture until he cuts the last one and it comes crashing down. Another guy follows him and throws the cut supports out of the way though I am not sure why. It isn't vandalism as there seems to be a crowd (re: camera flashs) watching the guy bring it down. I assume they were either done with the ice sculpture or they wanted to make room for a new one.

Check out the full video of this ice sculpture turning into ice cubes below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Wins A Gum Chewing Contest By Chewing 82 Pieces Of Gum At Once

Gum Chewing Record VideoSo the guy in this video (who looks like Elvis) puts 82 pieces of Orbitz gum in his mouth at the same time and chews them up. The caption for the video claims it is some kind of gum chewing contest but I have my doubts. The guy is the only guy in the room besides the camera man and there seems to be a fake cheering track running in the background. While the guy is still chewing the gum he has drool dripping all over the place not to mention the fact that pieces of Orbitz aren't really that big to begin with. Let's see him try it with bubble gum.

Check out the full video of this guy chewing 82 pieces of gum below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mouse Gets Chopped In Half And Regrows In This Mouse Illusion

Mouse Illusion VideoSo the guy in this video has a projector setup in a large room and a couple boxes down in the right corner of the screen where he is standing. He turns a camera onto a glass cage area and then takes a mouse out of one of the boxes and drops it into the cage area so it appears on the screen. Next he takes a wide chopping blade and chops the mouse in half. Both sides of the mouse are still running around and finally the second half of the mouse grows a new head. The guy takes the second mouse out of the box. Next up he puts a straw into the glass cage and blows the mouse up into a giant mouse. Finally the mouse blows out the air like a balloon and flies around the glass cage. Lastly the guy lights a cherry bomb and drops it in the glass cage. The mouse turns to a crisp and blows away.

Watch the full video of this 3D mouse illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Exhibit Illusion Room Shows People Turning Into Giants In This Video

Illusion Room VideoIn this video the two guys are at some illusion exhibit in New Zealand. Apparently this room in the exhibit is built to be an optical illusion where when a person walks from one end of the room to the other it looks like the person is turning into a giant. This is the same depth of field effect they use in movies to depict giant size characters. I only notice a little bit of the right side of the room being "lower" in the camera view. It's possible that the right side is the same height as the left side but the floor sure looks slanted. Anyway, the right side is much farther back (or so it seems) that the left side of the room. As the person walks from right to left I assume they get closer to the camera (and I assume the floor to ceiling height is also less).

Watch the full video of the giant in the room illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Incredibly Detailed Lord Of The Rings Bag End Doll House Photoset

Bag End Doll House PhotoshootSomeone went and put togather a doll house version of Bag End from Lord Of The Rings (aka Bilbo's House). They have some pretty detailed photos up of various rooms inside Bag End that they put togather. If I remember correctly when they made the LOTR movie they built a miniture size Bag End as well. This dollhouse however was either built by an amateur or professional doll house maker. It includes working lights, working fireplace (fake), detailed rugs, working doors, and a complete outside plus detachable roof.

Get your LOTR fanboi hat on and head on over to check out the full collection of photos from inside the Bag End doll house.


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Soccer Team Assaults A Ninja Compound To Save A Soccer Ball

Nike Ninja Commercial VideoSo in this Nike commercial there is a team of soccer players (oh excuse me futball) in a police SWAT van. They drive up to a building and the head guy shows them the "target" which is a soccer ball. They invade the building James Bond style and attempt to steal the ball from a laser entrapped safe room. Suffice to say they screw up and the alarm goes off. A giant throng of ninja looking guys wearing fencing masks chases after them attempting to get the soccer ball back. The soccer hero James Bond guys finally get cornered by the head ninja guy in red. They bounce the ball off the ninja guy crashing into into the elevator while they escape Matrix style in a helicopter. Just as they jump away the ninja guy turns into a robot and the building explodes. Except that only two soccer guys escape. What happened to the rest? Like I said this commercial is pretty weird and doesn't incentivize me to buy Nike.

Watch the ninja soccer James Bond hero police SWAT team attack commerical below or click over to view it on the host site.


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AD&D Meets Legoland Miniatures In Live Action Everquest For A Good Time

Everquest LegolandPull on your nerd hat and prepare for another one of those OMG WTF moments of "Why didn't I think of that one?". So there is a guy that put togather something called BrickQuest. Basically he took the original board game idea added a little Everquest, a little AD&D, and built the sets with legos and lego characters ala pewter miniatures. One other thing it reminds me of is an old game written in GW-BASIC in the 80s called Wizard.bas in that you don't know what's in the next room until you move there. But wait, that's not all. It has ninjas! Black ninjas and red ninjas and even a Ninja Warlord. What's not to love about this game? As far as I can tell you basically have to buy all the legos yourself and then put it togather with some imagination (or copy the stuff in his images) though he does provide a rulebook. Lego ninja's for the win!

If you're a lego ninja nerd and you can't help it head on over and check out the BrickQuest board game.


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