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Microsoft Prototype Interface Ala Minority Report In This Video

Microsoft Minority Report Interface VideoHere's a prototype screen interface from Microsoft which was demoed at the CEBIT 2006 conference. It's very similar to the interface from the movie Minority Report. I believe they are using a rear projector (though it's possible they are using an LCD). Basically there is a piece of glass with the display on it and then behind the glass is a motion sensor which tracks the user movements (I believe). There is either an LCD sandwiched in between two pieces of glass or a rear projector. I also think this is the interface that Robert Scoble talks about in this interview.

Check out the video of the interface ala Minority Report below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Resonating Spores Look Like Tiny Galaxy In This Video

Spore Resonance VideoHere's a pretty crazy resonance video I found over on a video site. You maybe have seen some of our other blogs where they use resonance to form patterns in sand and water. In this video which is similar a guy has about a 30cm diameter piece of paper covered in moss spores. The paper is vibrated and it causes all kinds of crazy patterns to form in the spores (powder). The different frequencies cause different patterns to form. He focuses on two patterns in the video where the spores spin around like a galaxy in the center of the paper; first clockwise and then counterclockwise.

Watch the full video of this crazy spore paper resonance below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Crazy Dune Buggy Fails To Top A Hill And Drives Back Down

Crazy Dune Buggy VideoIn this video out at this big dune buggy event there is a really high sandy hill that the duners race up and down. So this white dune buggy track picks up some speed and drives up the hill trying to make it all the way to the top without falling back down. He almost makes it (maybe ten feet from the top) before his buggy tips over on it's side into the sand. This is there gravity takes over and tips the dune buggy back on it's wheels and the guy drives it back down the hill without crashing. In an alternate universe the buggy would have started running down the hill end over and end and probably exploded.

Watch the video of the dune buggy almost making it below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Featuring Hydrophobic Sand Poured Into Water For a Good Time

Magic Sand VideoThis video features a material that is called 'magic sand' by the narrator of the video. Apparently it acts like normal beach sand until it comes into contact with water. The narrator states the 'magic sand' is hyrdrophobic which he states means that it minimizes it's surface area or some such when it comes into contact with water. Instead of dispursing and absorbing the water like normal sand when it's poured into the water it sticks togather and keeps the water out. When the narrator pours the water out of the glass again the sand is instantly dry.

Watch the video featuring the magic sand below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Oblivion Domino Rube Goldberg Machine Video Game Physics Video

Oblivion Domino VideoHere is a video of someone who setup a domino topple using books and the physics engine in Oblivion. In case you live under a rock Oblivion is a sandboxy video game which came out recently. The books are all in a row like they were dominos and the guy kicks it off by tipping the first one over. It does have some interesting twists thrown into it like swords that tip over and cut through rope knocking over watermelons which fall on more books and continue the effect. It also seems to have Rube Goldbergish machines built into it including a wiffle ball rolling down stairs, people crashing through stacks of barrels, and a mace and chain swinging to bridge some gaps.

Watch the full video of the Oblivion domino Rube Goldberg machine below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robotic Pack Mule Developed For The Military In This Video

Robot Pack Mule VideoHere is a video of a robot pack mule that is being developed for the military to carry gear into terrain which is inaccessable by vehicle. They show it moving through various terrain including snow, deep mud, rocky shale, and just regular dirt. This thing looks like two guys carrying a load between them as the legs in the front and the back both have the joint pointed inwards. It really looks weird because it moves like a human but your eyes tell you it's a robot. They show it turning in a circle by side stepping and being able to catch itself if someone kicks it in the side. I'd like to see them walk this thing up a sand dune though. You know after they get this thing working pretty good as a pack animal that guard dogs and or mounting guns on this thing is next. Robot police horses? If we can't have flying cars this might be the next best thing. Imperial walkers here we come.

Watch the full video of this robot pack mule for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Jumps A Dune With This Pickup And Lands On Top Of Another Pickup

Truck Crash VideoSo in this video there are a bunch of winners out in a sand dune area racing around with their motor bikes and pickup trucks. There is one big dune where the guy with the camera is standing which bikes are getting petty good air off of jumping. There is a red pickup truck parked on the right side of the dune ridge. Along comes a white pickup truck from the left side of the dune (and he can't see the red pickup truck on the other side). The white pickup guns the engine and jumps over the dune catching some air. The only problem is he lands right on top of the red pickup truck and rolls his own. Nice going. It doesn't appear that there was anyone in the red truck.

Watch this guy pull a stupid stunt while jumping sand dunes for a good time.


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Dash Boarders Or Mud Boarders As I Call Them Get Crazy In This Competition Video

Dashboarding VideoApparently the sport depicted in this video is called dashboarding (by the people that do it anyway). If you ask me it looks more like mud boarding. As far as I can tell you go down to a river mouth or some other area where there is very shallow water and sand. Then you set up some rails to grind on and you "dash". Dashing consists of a surf boars style board that is flat but short (shorter than even a boogie board). The user runs and dumps on the board which is sliding on the top of the 1-2  inchs of water. Once on the board the dasher hits the rail and does a grind. Sometimes the dashboard eats it. One guy in the video (and only one guy) has a helmet on. He eats it. Everyone has no helmet and half of them eat it. Two or three of them break their boards in half.

Check out the dashboarding (I'm going to call it mud boarding) for yourself.


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Real Photo Of A Sandstorm In Iraq Looks Just Like In The Movies

Sandstorm PhotoOne of the most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of a sandstorm rolling into a base in Iraq. The photo is pretty amazing because it looks exactly like the digital sandstorm in the movie "Hidalgo" and the one in "The Mummy". Everything in front of it is clear and this giant wave of roiling sand just comes roaring forward. Probably not a good idea to be outside when a sandstorm comes along.

Check out the larger version of the sand storm photo in Iraq.


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Couple Of Guys Set Off A Big Mushroom Explosion Out In A Dry River Or Lake Bed

Mushroom Explosion VideoCouple of guys (by the sound of it) look to be out in a dry river bed or on the beach or something. The sound in this clip is not safe for work. They have a fuse on some explosive material set off in the distance and they are waiting for it to go off. When it blows up it make a pretty good mushroom cloud and big boom. The funniest thing about the video is the guy with the camera though. He's yelling and carrying on after it blows up and then they run towards it and see little fires burning all over the place in the sand.

Watch these guys blow up a bunch of sand and hear them yell in this video.


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