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Giant Game Of Soccer Played With European IGo Cars And A Giant Ball

Car Soccer VideoHere is a video clip from a British TV show called Top Gear or some such where they demonstrate the handling of a European car called the IGo or some such by playing a giant car based game. They have maybe five cars on each team and giant soccer ball with which they proceed to play soccer er I mean football with the cars. It's pretty much bumpercar soccer though they do have professional drivers in all of the cars so the crashs seem to have been kept to a minimum. In the end one team scores two goals and the other team scores one goal. They only show one fairly damaging crash where a car lost a hubcap and took some body damage.

Watch the full video of the car soccer game for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Get Your Reflex Game On When You Play This Set Of Sports Games

Reflex Flash GamesThese games are a collection of games that depend on your reflexes. They are mostly sports related like baseball, shotput, and others. You have to time your clicks just right to get the best result (and highest score). Some of the high scores like the baseball one are pretty tough to beat. There are nine different games in all and each has it's own highscore counter. The graphics are retro line based graphics and are ment to be as not to distract you. Give it a shot if you like any kind of sports game or just want to test you reflexes in this free flash game.

Get your mouse reflex on in this set of flash games.


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Kid Shoots And Scores 18 Baskets In A Row For A Good Time

Kid Makes Basketball Shots VideoIn this video clip there is a little kid who is maybe six or seven years old shooting baskets with a basketball. The kid shoots and scores 18 baskets in a row on camera. A good portions of the shots are nothing but net. Is this kid the new Tiger Woods for basketball? Finally on the 19th shot the kid misses. Pretty amazing I guess but if all you do is sit around and shoot basketballs all day I assume you're going to get good at it. You can see a toy basketball basket in some of the video off to the right of the main basket.

Watch this kid get crazy with the basketball.


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Tiger Woods Makes An Amazing Shot In An Otherwise Boring Sport

Tiger Woods Shoots And Scores VideoNow normally I would have to say that golf is one of the more stupider sports out there but we'll make an exception for this video. Here we have Tiger Woods about 25 feet from the hole down a little slope. It takes his time and finally hits the golf ball. It goes out and lands about four feet below the hole. From here it starts to roll towards the hole and keeps rolling and rolling. The crowd and the announcers are starting to go crazy at this point (and seriously how often do crowds at gold games go crazy). The golf ball rolls up and stops right on the lip of the hole. And then rolls in. Nice. The real question is how much did he win in this tourney?

Watch Tiger destroy the competition in this golf video.


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Soccer Players And Sumo Wrestlers Battle It Out For A Cooler Of Pepsi

Japanese Sumo Pepsi Commercial VideoIn this commercial for Pepsi it has a bunch of soccer players in Pepsi uniforms who have to play a bunch of Japanese sumo wrestlers for a cooler of Pepsi. The commercial makes you think that the regular soccer players are going to score by showing them out maneuvering the sumo wrestlers and then shooting for a goal. But the sumo wrestler goalie takes up the entire goal and the soccer ball just bounces off him. The sumos come back with some crazy moves and cause an earthquake when one of them falls down. The regular goalie has to hang on to the goal post and while doing so a sumo shoots the ball and scores. I thought the funny part was when one of the sumo guys get a cans of Pepsi. Look at how small the cans are compared to the sumo guy (it looks like a thimble).

Watch the Japanese Sumo Pepsi Soccer commercial for yourself.


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