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Climb Into The Nearest Shopping Cart And Ram Into Your Friend For A Good Time

Shopping Cart Fun VideoOur heroes in this video decide that bumper cars are boring. Instead they are going to play bumper cars with shopping cars. And not really bumpers cars but ramming wars instead. Two clowns climb into two shopping carts and then have their buddies run the shopping carts really fast towards each other until they crash. When the two shopping carts meet both guys lurch foreward until they crack heads togather. Then the shopping cart guy on the right falls out of his cart. The video ends there so we don't get to see this guy eat it in the dirt.

Don't play shopping cart wars at home for a good time.


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Woman Can't Fit All Of Her Shopping Purchases In Her Small Car Video

Woman Goes Nuts Trying To Load Her Small Car VideoIn this commercial for a car buyers report a woman tries to fit all her shopping in the back of her small car. The video starts out with a few things dropping out of the back of her car and then more and more stuff keeps calling out and starts rolling away. Then she bumps her shopping basket and causes it to roll away. She runs over and grabs the basket to push it back to her car. But she takes the basket and just rams it into her small car and tries to dump everything out of the basket into the car (which doesn't work). The whole video is taped as if it were caught on a security camera in a parking garage.

Watch the funny video for yourself of the frustrated woman trying to load her small car.


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Old Lady Gets The Drop On A Bunch Of Hoodlums Stealing A Car

Free Eye Exams Commercial With Old Lady And GunIn this commercial it shows four guys breaking into a red car in a parking garage. An old lady comes down into the garage and sees the hoodlums breaking into what she thinks is her car. She drops her shopping bags and whoops out her gun. Sneaking over nearer the thugs in the car  James Bond Style she jumps out and confronts them with her gun. They jump out of the car and run away. She gets in the car and tries the key. It doesn't work. She looks over and sees another red car exactly like the one she is in and figures out that that is really her car and not the one she just hijacked. The ad is for free eye exams for pensioners.

Watch the funny commercial with the old lady toting a revolver.


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Having Your Ass Hang Out Of Your Pants Is The Hot New Thing

Cavalera Fashion Show PhotoApparently the latest fashion at the Cavalera's Fashion show is to have your ass hang out the back of your pants. Forget pants that close in the back. These new pants give you a nice breeze wherever you go. Be it the beach or just shopping the pants have you covered (or not in this case). Anyway I am always baffled by fashion shows. What is the point exactly of designing some suits of clothes that will never be sold? Maybe these new pants are some kind of camouflage.

Click on over to get a higher resolution photo of the ass hanging out pants.


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