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Guerilla Marketing Skateboarding Projector Stunt From Holland

Here's a video of a guerilla 'marketin'g tactic from Holland where they drive around with a projector in their vehicle projecting a skateboarder riding around on the top eve of buildings. It's a cool effect but didn't seem like it would be very effective. How long until we see Sonic running around NYC on buildings?



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Hop On Your Skateboard And Do Some Tricks While You Waste Time At Work

GMax Skateboarding Flash GameG-Max Skateboarding is a free flash game where you skate around in a halfpipe and do tricks for points. There is a free skate version or a compete version. The graphics are basic and the viewable area is really small. The controls are pretty basic as well but you can do tricks and smash your face into the floor when you fall off. If you like skateboarding this is a fun little game but the controls could be better. Give it a shot.

Get your half pipe on woooooooooooooooooooooo!


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Dog Rides Around On A Skateboard For A Good Time Video

Skateboarding Dog VideoHere is a pretty cool video of a dog riding a skate board. The dog can run with three legs and have one paw on the skateboard and then jump on the skateboard and ride it. The dog also can have three legs on the skateboard and kick with one of his hind legs to go forward. He can carry the skateboard around in his mouth and if it flips over he can right the skateboard with his nose. Pretty smart dog a some people can't even ride skateboards. Should all dogs have their own skateboards? Do you think the dog is having fun riding the skateboard? Can the dog do grinds?

Watch the dog skate around on the skateboard video.


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Pull All Kinds Of Crazy Tricks With Your BMX Bike In This Game

BMX Tricks Flash GameBMX Tricks is a pretty good little free flash game. The view is from the side and you ride a bike a coarse while doing tricks like grinds and jumps. The graphics are professional and remind me somewhat of arcade games like Golden Axe or Double Dragon. If you like bike games or skateboarding games give this one a shot. The only bad side of this game is that the track itself is always pretty much the same brown color and it seems to repeat itself over and over and over. Other then that it is pretty fun.

Get your BMX Tricks on!


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