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Guy Soars Over Fifteen Trucks On His Bike After Being Towed Into A Jump

Bike Jump VideoSo the guy in this is on a regular BMX style bike. Except he has a motorcycle pulling him into a huge jump. Apparently there are 15 cars side by side that he is going to jump over. If you ask me having a motorcycle pull you into a jump is cheating but whatever. Anyway the guy hits the jump on his bike and soars over all the cars making a perfect landing on the other side. And he doesn't even crash and burn. Now what fun is that?

Watch this guy jump over 15 trucks on a bicycle.


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Goalie In This Video Blocks The Ball With The Bottom Of His Feet Above His Head

Soccer Goalie Gets Amazing Save VideoThe goalie in this soccer video does a pretty amazing block of the ball coming into the net. The soccer ball is kicked from maybe half or a third of the way down the soccer field. The ball soars towards the goal and above the goalie's head. The goalie jumps off the ground with both of his feet back and brings them up in the air so his body is parallel with the ground. He bends his legs forward towards on the oncoming ball and deflects the ball with the BOTTOM of his shoes away from the goal. He puts his hands down like he is doing pushups and the video ends there.

Watch this goalie do an amazing block of the soccer ball in this video.


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