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Giant Game Of Soccer Played With European IGo Cars And A Giant Ball

Car Soccer VideoHere is a video clip from a British TV show called Top Gear or some such where they demonstrate the handling of a European car called the IGo or some such by playing a giant car based game. They have maybe five cars on each team and giant soccer ball with which they proceed to play soccer er I mean football with the cars. It's pretty much bumpercar soccer though they do have professional drivers in all of the cars so the crashs seem to have been kept to a minimum. In the end one team scores two goals and the other team scores one goal. They only show one fairly damaging crash where a car lost a hubcap and took some body damage.

Watch the full video of the car soccer game for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Soccer Ball Contact Lenses Just Wait For The Corporate Logo Lenses

Soccer Ball Contact Lense PhotoSo one of the mosted emailed photos for today on Yahoo was this image of a "designer contact lense". This contact lense has a soccer ball on it with the center area open so you can still see out of your eye. A second set of contact lenses has the German flag on it. They're charging something like $54 a pop for these things. Just wait, you know they have deals in the works for all the mega brands like Coca Cola, 7-Up, etc. Wait for the tradeshows, other sporting events (American football?), or even TV shows where everyone there is wearing their brand logo on their eyeball.

Head on over and view the full sized photo of the custom contact lenses.


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Soccer Team Assaults A Ninja Compound To Save A Soccer Ball

Nike Ninja Commercial VideoSo in this Nike commercial there is a team of soccer players (oh excuse me futball) in a police SWAT van. They drive up to a building and the head guy shows them the "target" which is a soccer ball. They invade the building James Bond style and attempt to steal the ball from a laser entrapped safe room. Suffice to say they screw up and the alarm goes off. A giant throng of ninja looking guys wearing fencing masks chases after them attempting to get the soccer ball back. The soccer hero James Bond guys finally get cornered by the head ninja guy in red. They bounce the ball off the ninja guy crashing into into the elevator while they escape Matrix style in a helicopter. Just as they jump away the ninja guy turns into a robot and the building explodes. Except that only two soccer guys escape. What happened to the rest? Like I said this commercial is pretty weird and doesn't incentivize me to buy Nike.

Watch the ninja soccer James Bond hero police SWAT team attack commerical below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Kickboxing Ninja Guy Works Out And Does All Kinds Of Crazy Stuff In This Video

Ninja Guy VideoThis video is a pretty long clip of this guy doing a bunch of kickboxing training and stunts. He can jump maybe four or five feet in the air and kick at something that is say nine feet high. In one acrobatic stunt he does six flips in a row on a mat. Near the end of the video he appears to be stunt fighting another guy and kicking him to the mat. There is also a section of the video where he throws up a soccer ball and kicks it while it is falling backwards a LONG way. Then to go get the ball he does another series of crazy jumps and flips.

Check out this video of the crazy ninja guy for yourself by clicking here or view it below.


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Play Soccer Against A Friend Or The Computer In Soccer Slime For A Good Time

Soccer Slime Flash GameSoccerSlime is a small two player game (you have to have two players as there is no computer player). There is a soccer field in this flash game and you have to get the ball in the opposite goal. Each player has to jump and bump the ball into the net to score a point. The graphics are pretty basic and without two players you can't play. So there you have it folks. When you have nothing else to do but waste time and work and you've worn out all the other games this is the one.

Get your soccer on with Soccer Slime.


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Grab Your Soccer Ball And Head Out To The Field For Some Goal Kicking Action

Soccer Shootout Flash GameSoccer Shootout is a free flash game where you play one on one against a computer player to shoot and block goal shots. You shoot once and then you block once. After five shots whoever had the most goals wins and you move on to the next round or you can change players. The graphics are professional and it its harder in each round. If you like soccer try this one out. When the computer player misses the shot he falls down like the ball bounced back and hit him in the face.

Get your soccer shooting on for a good time.


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Red Player Takes A Foot To The Face From Another Guy Jumping Eight Feet In The Air

Kick To The Head VideoOuch. Here is a short clip where a soccer player takes a flying jump kick and smacks a player from the opposing team right in the face with the bottom of his cleats. The other player is just stunned and falls to the ground. The kicking player and his buddy run off after the ball. The clip ends here but they go back and replay it in slow motion. Watch how high off the ground the guy had to jump in order to get his foot up in the opposing team player's face. The opposing play is also jumping up maybe six inchs which puts the kicking player at six to eight feet off the ground.

Watch the red guy get kicked in the face but hey at least he gets paid for it.


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Destroy Chipmonks In This Peanut Table Soccer Game

Peanut Flash GameTough little table soccor style flash game. A peanut rolls back and forth in front of you and you have to flick it into a goal at the other end of the picnic table. The goal is defending by 3 chipmonks. The graphics are pretty good but the game is tough as you have to build up your shots and you don't control where the peanuts rolls.

Flick the peanuts and score points on the chipmonks for a good time.


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Goalie In This Video Blocks The Ball With The Bottom Of His Feet Above His Head

Soccer Goalie Gets Amazing Save VideoThe goalie in this soccer video does a pretty amazing block of the ball coming into the net. The soccer ball is kicked from maybe half or a third of the way down the soccer field. The ball soars towards the goal and above the goalie's head. The goalie jumps off the ground with both of his feet back and brings them up in the air so his body is parallel with the ground. He bends his legs forward towards on the oncoming ball and deflects the ball with the BOTTOM of his shoes away from the goal. He puts his hands down like he is doing pushups and the video ends there.

Watch this goalie do an amazing block of the soccer ball in this video.


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Soccer Players And Sumo Wrestlers Battle It Out For A Cooler Of Pepsi

Japanese Sumo Pepsi Commercial VideoIn this commercial for Pepsi it has a bunch of soccer players in Pepsi uniforms who have to play a bunch of Japanese sumo wrestlers for a cooler of Pepsi. The commercial makes you think that the regular soccer players are going to score by showing them out maneuvering the sumo wrestlers and then shooting for a goal. But the sumo wrestler goalie takes up the entire goal and the soccer ball just bounces off him. The sumos come back with some crazy moves and cause an earthquake when one of them falls down. The regular goalie has to hang on to the goal post and while doing so a sumo shoots the ball and scores. I thought the funny part was when one of the sumo guys get a cans of Pepsi. Look at how small the cans are compared to the sumo guy (it looks like a thimble).

Watch the Japanese Sumo Pepsi Soccer commercial for yourself.


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