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Photo Of The Glass Walkway Out Over The Grand Canyon

Walkway PhotoSo they finally got the glass looping walkway that goes out over the Grand Canyon built. Apparently it opens to the public on the 28th of this month. It looks like a giant horseshoe that is tacked onto the side of the canyon wall. It is glass in the center so you can look straight down into the canyon. There are two huge beams that the glass stretchs between. Additionally there are high glass walls on edges of the walkway. It isn't a solid piece of glass though and is instead just panels.



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Pool Of Corn Starch Lets People Walk Over The Top Without Getting Wet

Pool Of Corn Starch VideoHere is a video of a pool of corn starch on a Spanish TV show. The mixed up corn starch in a concrete mixer and then poured it into this pool. The trick is that it is a non-newtonian fluid which means that when force is applied to the liquid it exhibits properties of a solid. In the video the two hosts of the show repeatedly run over the top of the corn starch. Just to show that it is actually liquid the one host sinks into the corn starch while the other host continues to run around on top of the liquid. Near the end they have some bystanders also run over the liquid and the other host sinks into the corn starch too.

Check out the pool of corn starch below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Slow Motion Bullet Time Video Of Various Objects Being Shot

Bullet Slow Motion VideoHere is a video featuring various objects being hit by a bullet and recorded in slow motion. First up is an apple which you've probably seen before or at least a photo of before. Next up is a banana and the bullet basically turns it from a solid to a liquid in milliseconds. Third is a playing card which rips right through the middle and then a cola can which ejects more liquid from the point of the bullet entry than the exit and flies in that direction. Fifth it shows an egg getting hit and exploding outward and sixth a waterbottle getting hit in the bottom with the bullet exiting the cap. The video ends with a second soda can being hit. See our other blog where a bullet is shot against the blade edge of a katana sword.

Watch the video of the slow motion bullet time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Illusionist Walks On Water In A Hotel Pool In Las Vegas Or Miami

Walk On Water VideoThe illusionist in this video appears to walk on water in this video. It looks like he is in either Las Vegas or maybe Miami by the look of the hotel in the background. In any event he walks up to the hotel pool while holding a small video camera and while being filmed by his crew. He steps out into the water and proceeds to walk across. The from sides it really looks like he is walking on something solid an inch or so under the water. However, when it switchs to his personal camera view it looks like he is just windmilling his legs while something else moves him across. At one point someone swims under him and at another point he takes off his shoes and they sink into the water. Based on his windmilling legs I'm going with he's using some kind of wire harness.

Watch the clip of the illusionist walking on water below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Magician Illusionist Ninja Pulls A Salt Shaker Through A Solid Piece Of Glass

Japanese Magic Salt Magician VideoI think we've posted a video of this Japanese magician guy before where he pulled a hamburger out of a sign and then put it back again. In this video he is sitting down at a glass coffee table with a bunch of people around. He gets a coin from one of the people and puts it in the middle of the glass table. He puts his hand over he coin on top of the glass and his other hand under the glass below the coin. The coin passes through the glass and ends up in his hand below the glass. As far as I can tell he simply palms the coin above the glass. If you watch his hand he takes the three fingers of his hand and curls them into a fist while pointing at the coin below the table with the forth finger. However, for his next trick he grabs a salt shaker and hands it to one of the people sitting at the table. She taps the glass above and below and finally holds the salt shaker below the glass. He puts  both hands above the salt shaker and the top side of the glass. The girl lets go of the salt shaker and he pulls the salt shaker through the glass. If you watch closely you can see the reflection of his hand on the glass above the salt shaker as he is pulling it through the glass. So is this guy a ninja or what?

Watch this magician pulls a salt shaker and drops a coin through a piece of glass for a good time in this video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Watch This McLaren Slam Into A Wall In This Crash Test Video

McLaren Crash Test VideoYou've probably seen other crash tests of cars that when the car hits the whole thing pretty much gets mangled. Not in this crash test. There isn't any information on how fast the car is going when it slams into the wall and it looks like it is a solid wall (and not a corner hit) but the McLaren holds up amazingly. The front of the car crushs in to the wheels and thats it. The rest of the car is entirely intact and the windshield doesn't even crack. Try that in your regular road SUV and the whole car is totaled.

View the full video of the McLaren crash test below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Commercial For Gum That Is So Cold It Freezes Your Head Solid Video

Ice Gum Commercial VideoIn this commercial a guy and his girlfriend are in the back of a taxi in a big city. The guy shakes out a piece of gum for his girlfriend and then shakes out all of the rest of the gum from the pack into his hand. He puts all of the gum in his mouth and starts chewing. Suddenly his head freezes over solid. The girlfriend and the taxi cab driver start screwing like crazy. Next the taxi hits a bump causing the guys head to pop off and fall into the girl's lap. The screaming of the taxi driver and the girlfriend sounds like the same pitch of screaming that is in the What's Up Budweiser commercials. I don't know about you but I think I prefer gum that doesn't knock my head off.

Check out the freeze your head off gum commercial video.


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You're Trapped And You Can't Get Out What Do You Do In This Trapped 4 Game

Trapped 4 Flash GameTrapped 4 is a pretty complete and long free flash puzzle game. It has multiple rooms with puzzles that cross from room to room. You have to avoid traps, find keys for doors, and solve puzzles. It is a lot like Zelda, Wasteland, or the old game Castles (from the MS-DOS days). It is a mind twister though and if you like this sort of thing you should check it out as there is much entertainment to be had. I moved through a whole bunch of different rooms to find keys and other hints to complete the puzzles. The graphics aren't much to speak of but the gameplay is solid as a rock. Again if you liked Zelda or Pac-Man play this.

Get your trapped on by solving these simple dungeon maze levels.


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