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Crazy Video Of A Guy With A Fire Wire Pinwheel Throwing Off Sparks

Fire Wire VideoIn this video the guy has a steel wool wire setup which he lights on fire and swings around. It starts out slow but ramps up pretty quick until he is throwing huge whirls of sparks all over the place including over twenty feet in the air. Fourth of July pinwheels have nothing on this super sparkler pinwheel. I'd go as far as to say this video is better than the fire whip jump rope video we featured recently. It's hard to tell if the fire wire is throwing off more sparks when it is hitting the ground or it is just burning faster.

Check out the full video of the guy whiping the fire wire pinwheel around below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Pickup Truck In A Trace Flips Over And Flies Around Like A Giant Wing

Flying Truck VideoIn this car accident video they are in the middle of a pickup truck race when one of the outside trucks nudges the middle truck which nudges the inside truck. The inside truck loses it and goes sliding off towards the inside of the track. The wind catchs the truck and it flies up like a giant wing and comes down on the top of the cab. It bounces the top of the cab off the track throwing sparks everywhere before the truck rights itself again and continues skidding along the pavement. It's pretty amazing how that original tap from the middle truck through the inside truck so off that it completely flipped over like that.

Watch the full video of the flying pickup truck below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rocketman Flies Up Over A Crowd Wearing A Backpack Rocket For A Good Time

Rocket Guy VideoHere is a video of Dan Schlund at a fairgrounds in Melbourne (I assume Australia). He has a rocket pack strapped to his back and they do a count down until he lifts off. I'm not sure if this is the same guy who has been doing the rocketpack deal since it was featured in James Bond or not. Anyway they count down to one and the guy lifts off and then flies up over and around above the crowd. He's up pretty high and then comes circling back down to where he took off from. The video doesn't show him landing and I'm not sure why they had the sparks going before he lifted off. He should have had some kind of LED lighting system on him.

Check out the full video of the rocketman below or click on over and view it at their site.


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Bunch Of Clowns Set Off Around 200 Sparklers At Once For A Good Time

Sparker Spark VideoThe clowns in this video decided to pack around 200 sparklers togather and light them on fire. The caption says 2000 sparklers but I don't believe it. If it was 2000 the diameter of the clump (you can see it near the end) would be much bigger. Anyway so they light it and wait and wait and wait. The only guy asks if he should put his sunglasses on. Once it goes off it doesn't explode as we've seen other sparkler clumps do. Rather it just gets really really bright and showers sparks everywhere. It is so bright that it puts a purple lens flare on the lens of the camera.

Watch these clowns play with sparklers for a good time.


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Two Drag Racers Spin Wildly Out Of Control And Careen Down the Race Track

Two Dragsters Crash VideoIn this video it starts out with two drag cars revving up at the starting line getting ready to floor it. They take off and get about half way down the track when they both start to spin out. I don't know if there was something on the track down there but they seem to spin out around the same time. The orange car on the left actually rolls on it's side spitting sparks and flips over before rolling into the side fence. A huge piece of metal also flies off of it into the air. Both of their parachutes deploy as they bounce and slide down the track. Apparently everyone was fine after the crash though.

Two dragsters flip over on their way down the race track in this video.


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Multiple Collisions Between Four Racing Trucks Cause Spectacular Sparks

Group Of Race Trucks Crash And Spark PhotoAccording to the caption of the photo this is a multi-vehicle accident between four different pickup trucks on the race war. The race took place last Friday (Feb 18th 2005) at Daytona International Speedway. It looks like in the photo that the blue truck there completely lost it's tire as it is blowing sparks all over from it's driver side front wheel. The blue trucks hood is also crunched pretty good. In the larger photo there are two other truck, one of which has spun out into the grass at center of the track, and another where the hood looks like it is about to fly off. Both of the other trucks have smashed hoods as well.

Head on over to view the full resolution photo of the multi-vehicle crash over on Yahoo.

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Drag Racer Loses Control, Flips Over, And Sprays Sparks Video

Dragster Flip And Crash VideoHere is a drag racing video where it all goes wrong. The guy is launchs out of the start and is going down the track pretty fast when he starts to lose control and swerves to the left and then back to the right (to keep from hitting the wall). This is to much for the car and at this point it rolls over towards the driver side. The car starts spinning around or at least sliding pretty fast on it's roof causing sparks to spit out from the friction. One of the side windows looks like it might have broken because there are small pieces of glass flying around but the main windshield only cracks. At the end of the video it looks like there is a little bit of smoke starting to curl up so I hope the guy got out of the car if it caught fire.

Check out the flying sparks from the drag crash for yourself.


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Motorcycle Crashs. Cameraman Laughs Like Maniac.

Small Motorcycle Crash VideoThe funniest thing about this video is the people laughing in the background. Who laughs like that? Anyway, the video starts out with the two guys on the mini-motorcycle and the drive pulls the motorcycle up onto one wheel. Right after that they slide sideways, blowing out sparks, and eat pavement (no helmets). The crash takes about the first 10 seconds of the video and the rest of the video is the cameraman laughing. The guy behind the driver gets a small scrape on his knee but other than that they seem to end up fine.

Watch the video to hear the cameraman laugh.


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