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Guy Sticks 1600 Toothpicks In His Beard In 15 Minutes For A Good Time

Toothpick Beard VideoSo here is a video which has the distinction of cataloging a guy with 1600 toothpicks stuck in his beard. According to the guy in the video it took him around 15 minutes to put the 1600 toothpicks in his beard. Previously he had put 800 toothpicks (or some such) in his beard and he wanted to double his record. He doesn't say exactly why he is putting the toothpicks in his beard however. I'm going to go out on a limb here and recommend for this guy not to trip with the 1600 toothpicks in his beard or he might end up as a Darwin award winner.

Check out the guy with 1600 toothpicks in his beard in the video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Builds His Own Stonehenge Using Sticks And Rocks For A Good Time

Stonehenge Reloaded VideoGuy in this video is working on his own Stonehenge using only sticks and rocks. In the video his rolls a one ton rock along a specially designed wooden platform using only his hand. He shows how he uses a stone under a huge block of concrete to spin it around and how if he puts another stone under it he can move it with a lever system. In another video clip he moves an entire bard using this method. He takes a huge Stonehenge style block and drops it upright in a hole using some weights, rope, and sticks. In order to get the huge piece of rock high enough to drop it in he rocks it back and forth and sticks a stick in each side of the fulcrum after he rocks it. Reminds me of the Coral Castle guy in Florida. He puts the National Geographic (?) Easter Island guys who were doing something similar to shame though.

View the video of this guy building his own Stonehenge using sticks and rocks below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blooper Clips From A Pro Fishing Show Where A Fisherman Gets Owned

Fisherman Show Bloopers VideoThis video features bloopers from a popular professional sports fishing show. It starts out with the guy running over his fishing pole (or something to that effect) which causes him to get out of his truck. The only problem is that somehow his mic wire is caught and he stumbles around for a few seconds. Next up he somehow gets his line caught in the prop and it sucks the fishing pole in. In the next video clip of the video he sticks his fishing pole into the ceiling fan breaking it off. Following this he somehow lets the motor come off of the boat and it goes wild in his hand. The best one is probably when he gets the line caught in the tree and while pulling on the tree something falls out of the tree onto him. You'll have to watch the video to see that one.

Watch the video of the fisherman show bloopers below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Super Mentos Diet Soda Rocket Shoots Over A Two Story House

Super Mentos Diet Soda Rocket VideoThis is probably the ultimate mentos diet soda rocket as when the guy fires it off it flies over a two story house and lands on the other side. In an additional video the guy shows how he uses only two mentos to get this soda rocket off the ground. He chews one up and puts it in the cap and then sticks another one to it. Once he has the cap on he knocks them down into the soda and shakes it up. Once it takes it out and throws it down at the street it blasts off. I'd assume that the reason less mentos makes it go farther is that with to many mentos in there it is either too much thrust or the thrust is curtailed by to many bubbles.

Check out the full sized video of the super mentos diet soda rocket below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mentos And Diet Soda Combine To Form Soda Rockets In This Video

Mento Rockets VideoYou've probably seen the videos of mentos being dropped into two liter bottles of diet soda causing a giant fountain of soda. This video is a little different in that instead of the people shooting the soda up they are shooting the bottle up like a bottle rocket (or trying to anyway). The guy wraps what looks like plastic wrap around a bunch of mentos, sticks that in the two liter bottom, and then tightens the cap on. He then takes the bottom and throws it down onto pavement which I assume breaks the cap and lets the mentos react with the soda. The first one works pretty good and shoots up about thirty feet or so. The next bottle bounces the first time and finally takes off sideways. The last rocket they try duct taping two bottles togather and then throwing them down. As far as I can tell one side didn't burst open so it just spins around, like one of those 'flower' fireworks, shooting diet soda everywhere.

Watch the mentos diet soda rocket video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Featuring Hydrophobic Sand Poured Into Water For a Good Time

Magic Sand VideoThis video features a material that is called 'magic sand' by the narrator of the video. Apparently it acts like normal beach sand until it comes into contact with water. The narrator states the 'magic sand' is hyrdrophobic which he states means that it minimizes it's surface area or some such when it comes into contact with water. Instead of dispursing and absorbing the water like normal sand when it's poured into the water it sticks togather and keeps the water out. When the narrator pours the water out of the glass again the sand is instantly dry.

Watch the video featuring the magic sand below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Illusionist Pulls A Card Trick In A Glass Bottomed Boat

Card Illusions VideoHere is another illusion video by the same Japanese illusionist who we've seen in a couple other videos that have been posted. In this video he does a couple warm up tricks where he shoots cards at a window and the chosen card sticks to the window plus a trick where he switchs the card from one side to the other. For main trick he goes down into a glass bottomed boat and sets up a card with the audience by writing on it and ripping a corner off. Then he shoots the cards at the window and the chosen card is stuck on the OUTSIDE of the glass bottomed boat window. He covers it with a cloth, reachs his hand through, and pulls the card back through the window to the inside (or at least that is the illusion). It looks to me like he reachs down and pulls the card out of the cloth that is covering the window.

Check out the full video of this card illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ahhhhnold Demonstrates His Prowess As A Jedi Ninja Ravinator

Ahnold Jedi Ninja VideoHere is a video clip from what looks like one of the Conan movies (or at least an out take or practise session). Arnold is practicing sword play without a sword. Someone came in and digitially added glow sticks or as I like to think of them Jedi Ninja Daggers Of Death. The digital edit really isn't a very good job as the glow sticks are outside the back of his hands most of the time. For the most part the video seems to repeat the same sword moves two or three times but it is still pretty funny. Who knew that Ahhhnold was a ninja?

Watch the full video of Ahnold as Conan as a Jedi Ninja Ravinator below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Older Guy Takes Out Three Other Young Guys Who Try To Beat Him Down

One Versus Three VideoSo this video takes place in Asia somewhere. The police have a police line setup between two groups of people but there are only about three police in the line holding the one group of people back. There is an older guy on the left who is shouting insults or some such at the other crowd of people. First one guy ducks under the police line and comes at the old guy only to take a punch right in the face from the old guy. Now another two young guys ducks under and come for the old guy. The first guy to reach him takes a fist in the throat and the second guy gets warded off. They struggle back and forth with the old guy holding all three of them off. It looks like a couple of them pick up bottles or sticks or something but the old guy still beats them down. The video ends around there with the policing coming for them.

Check the video out for yourself where three guys forgot their karate lessons.


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Long Video Trailer For Darkon Which Is Football With Sticks AKA LARP

Darkon VideoIf you don't know what LARP is, it stands for Live Action Role Playing. Or a bunch of people dressing up in costumes, running around in the woods, and hitting each other with padded swords, sticks, clubs, and arrows. Not much different than other American "sports" if you think about it. For example, let's compare football to LARP. What is football? People dressing up in costumes and running around on a green field tackling each other. So LARP is basically football with sticks. Anyway enough blah blah.

Watch the trailer of football with sticks AKA LARP (or in this instance they call it Darkon).


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