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Cave Man Learns The Consequences Of Not Using Fedex In This Commercial

Fedex Commercial VideoHere is a commercial for Fedex featuring cave men and dinosaurs. The one cave man puts his package on a flying dinosaur and sends it off. The problem is a T-Rex eats the flying dinosaur and the message. So the cave man goes back to the cave man boss and tells him the package didn't back it. The boss asks him if he used Fedex (which he didn't) and then tells him he's fired. The cave man can't believe it because Fedex 'doesn't exist yet'. He stomps off out of the cave where he gets crushed by a giant dinosaur.

Check out the cave man Fedex commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Buck Takes Revenge On A Hunter And Curb Stomps Him

This video starts out with a hunter spinning away from a charging buck and dropping his rifle. The buck proceeds to pound at the hunter with his front hooves while the hunter scrables around on the ground. In the first round before the guy goes down the buck lands a pretty good shot to the guy's head. From there it consists of the guy trying to fend off the hooves and grab the buck's neck for some unknown reason. As you can see in a fair fight (without the gun) the hunter takes it on the chin for a change. I'm thinking this guy should have retreated instead of falling down to get malled.

Check out the full video of the´┐Żbuck stomping the crap out of a hunter below or click over and view it on the host site.


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