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Ninjas Gone Wild Video Takes TV Silently By Storm With Shurikens

Ninjas Gone Wild VideoNinjas Gone Wild is a spoof video of the "Girls Gone Wild" TV advertisement. They borrow the same kind of themes and "censored" graphics to depict ninjas attacking people in the park, at home, and on the streets. The various spoof videos show ninjas killing people with various ninja weapons like shuriken, sai's, katanas and more IN TOTAL SILENCE. However, they put a "censored" graphic over the attack to avoid showing blood just like "Girls Gone Wild" does for nixing out nudity. I'd say they really captured the essense of the "Girls Gone Wild" commercials except with ninjas jumping backwards up to rooftops! Oh and don't forget the hot ninja scenes in the shower.

View the full Ninjas Gone Wild spoof commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Anime Twelve Days Of Annoying Things About Christmas Video

Anime 12 Days Of ChristmasI'm not sure if this is an official video or not but it is suppost to be te Twelve Days of Christmas from Storm Akira. It's hard to tell if they just mashed up an existing video and added some voice overs or if they really produced this how it is. The first day of Christmas in the video is finding a Christmas tree and it goes on from there about all the annoying things about Christmas. For example, Christmas lights that don't work or if they do they blow a fuse or blink. Some of the other days include hangovers, inlaws, Christmas specials on TV, and Christmas cards.

Check out the full Twelve Days Of Christmas anime video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Katrina Storm Search Captured On Video By Storm Chasers in Gulfport

Storm Surge VideoThere is an interview view up from a TV station that was of a couple of storm chasers and the video that they took while they were in a hotel in Gulfport when the hurricane hit. It's pretty amazing footage of the storm surge. When the video starts out there is maybe a foot of water (if that) and it surges in until there is maybe three feet of water and breaks through the windows into the lobby of the hotel they are in. They're filming the parking garage and the front of a van is falling off because of the water. Then they catch a car being floated backwards into the lobby of their hotel. I'm not quite sure why the brake lights of the car are on.

Head on over and check out the full length video of the storm surge or view it below.


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Guy Grabs His Surfboard And Rides A Giant Wave Coming In From A Storm

Surf The Wave VideoHere is a pretty crazy video of what looks like either a tsunami or a hurricane coming over the break water. The video starts out with a wave hitting the shore and flowing down the street and then the camera pans out into the ocean. There is a big wave coming and as the camera is filming a guy starts surfing the barrel on this giant storm wave. The wave breaks over him and it looks like he is toast but a few seconds later he breaks through and is surfing ahead of the wave. How come you can't do that?

Watch this guy surf a giant storm wave for a good time.


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Real Photo Of A Sandstorm In Iraq Looks Just Like In The Movies

Sandstorm PhotoOne of the most emailed photos on Yahoo right now is this photo of a sandstorm rolling into a base in Iraq. The photo is pretty amazing because it looks exactly like the digital sandstorm in the movie "Hidalgo" and the one in "The Mummy". Everything in front of it is clear and this giant wave of roiling sand just comes roaring forward. Probably not a good idea to be outside when a sandstorm comes along.

Check out the larger version of the sand storm photo in Iraq.


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New Dark Side M&Ms From Masterfoods Featuring Darth Vader That Melts In Your Mouth

Star Wars M&Ms PhotoSo Masterfoods USA decided they didn't want Darth Tater to get all the action and came out with Star Wars M&Ms. The slogan is that these are dark chocolate M&Ms and the pitch being "Go to the Dark Side". The package features M&Ms dressed up as storm (or clone?) troopers and Boba (or Jango?) Fett. They didn't dress Darth Vader up as an M&M though according to the photo of the M&M wrapper. I guess a squat round Darth Vader just wouldn't be the same.

Check out the full size photo of the new Dark Side M&Ms package.


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Unauthorized Viral Ad For Volkswagen Polo Goes Wrong

Unauthorized VW Polo Viral Ad VideoThere is a major storm brewing up about an unauthorized viral advertisement made about the Volkswagen Polo car. Apparently a couple guys at an ad agency created this viral ad as a test reel to make a name for themselves. They came it wasn't ment for public consumption but Volkswagen is howling mad about the whole thing and they have filed criminal charges in Germany. In the advertisement it shows a middle eastern looking individual walking out of a flat and getting in a VW Polo car. It shows him driving the car and it shows a cafe where people are eating. The car pulls up to the cafe and then it shows the guy inside the car pressing down on a detonator (he is strapped with explosives). But a funny thing happens, the explosion is contained within the car. We see the explosion happen inside the car and the windows splatter. The people at the cafe don't see or hear a thing.

Watch the VW Polo video for yourself (warning: graphic) and read the full accounting of video including quotes from Volkswagon, the ad creators, the directory of the video, and others.


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Batter Down The Castle Walls In The Catapult Flash Game

Catapult Flash GameCatapult is a pretty cool free flash game. You have a catapult and you get to adjust the height and the strength of each catapult throw. The goal of the game is to strike the keep in the center of the castle with the rock from the catapult. After you pound the keep you move on to a different castle. The graphics are professional and fit the theme of the game. Try this one out. I got pretty far in this game which is unusual as I usually fail badly at most of these flash games. It definately ISN'T a puzzle game that's for sure.

Storm the keep, me laddie!


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Star Wars Gangsta Rap Flash Video

Star Wars Gangsta Rap Flash VideoThe Star Wars gangsta rap flash video is pretty funny even though they skip a lot of the scenes and it only spans two different movies. It starts out with the Emperor and Vader rapping about the Empire, the Death Star, Star Destroyers, and Tie Fighters. In the background it has storm troopers moshing. From there it switchs to Tatooine with redneck Uncle Owen yelling at Luke about cleaning his room. Moving along it goes straight to Yoda on Dagobah and then ends up with Luke getting his hand chopped offer at Cloud City. Finally, it ends with Han Solo rescuing Luke in first Death Star attack (like I said it is a little out of order). Overall I thought it was pretty well done as it even captures how whiney Luke appears. The special edition version has redone scenes and much better graphics.

Watch the Original Star Wars Gangsta Rap.
Watch the Special Edition Star Wars Gangsta Rap.


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Waterspout Off The Coast Of Southern California

California Storm Waterspout

AP News has two different pictures of a waterspout that touched down off the coast of Palos Verdes, California on January 3rd, 2005. A waterspout is a tornado over water so if it had happened over land it could have been a scene right out of the movie "The Day After Tomorrow". Suffice to say tornados are rare in Southern California. It doesn't really say how long the waterspout touched down for either.

Click on over to view the Waterspout #1 and Waterspout #2 pictures.

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