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CH-47 Helicopter Rips Itself Apart In A Ground Resonance Test Video

CH-47 Resonance Test VideoIn this video they have a CH-47 helicopter strapped down to the pavement and they conduct a resonance test on it. This consists of running the blades up to a pretty high speed. There isn't any information in the caption on why they are running the test but some of the comments on the video suggest it is because they were having problems where the helicopter would invert midflight. Once this thing gets up to speed in the video it starts smoking and finally the whole tale rotor section piece there just rips loose from the rest of the helicopter and sags to the ground. Oops.

View the CH-47 helicopter test video below or click over and watch it on the host site.


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Jet Engine Built Into The Back Of A VW Beetle Blows Out Fire And Smoke

Beetle Jet Engine VideoHere is a video clip from a longer video which features a VW Beetle with a jet engine built into the back. In the longer version of the video the guy explains some of the construction and things like the extra fuel nozzle which causes the flames that you see in this video. In this video they have the VW Beetle with it's brakes on and the guy fires up the jet engine for the cameras. It blows out a pretty good gout of flame and smoke but other then that it doesn't do much. In the longer video I think they drive it down a road with the jet engine fired up. Reminds me of the urban legend of the guy that strapped a jet engine to his car and slammed it into a cliff. This guy just hasn't crashed it yet.

Check out the full video of the VW Beetle with a jet engine built into the back below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Rocketman Flies Up Over A Crowd Wearing A Backpack Rocket For A Good Time

Rocket Guy VideoHere is a video of Dan Schlund at a fairgrounds in Melbourne (I assume Australia). He has a rocket pack strapped to his back and they do a count down until he lifts off. I'm not sure if this is the same guy who has been doing the rocketpack deal since it was featured in James Bond or not. Anyway they count down to one and the guy lifts off and then flies up over and around above the crowd. He's up pretty high and then comes circling back down to where he took off from. The video doesn't show him landing and I'm not sure why they had the sparks going before he lifted off. He should have had some kind of LED lighting system on him.

Check out the full video of the rocketman below or click on over and view it at their site.


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Rocket Strapped Onto A Bike In This Video Goes 140 Miles An Hour

Rocket BikeThe commentary in this video is all in French but they first show a rocket engine and a fuel tank strapped to the back of a bike. The seat has been modified and is on top of the fuel tank. It appears to be some kind of liquid rocket fuel. Anyway, a guy in a helmet and a motorcycle suit climbs onto the bike and fires the rocket off. He shoots off down the speedway trailing some thick black smoke until the rocket fuel runs out. They cut away (so we don't get to see how he managed to stop it) and show that the bike was clocked in at 140 miles an hour. That is some hefty speed for a bike.

Check out the full video of the rocket bike below or click on over and view it on their site.


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Guy Shoots His Buddy With 25 Roman Candle Shots For A Good Time

Roman Candle Fun VideoSo the guy in this video puts on long sleeves and a motorcycle helmet and then stands in front of a roman candle firing squad. Apparently they have a roman candle pack which is 25 roman candles strapped togather. One guy lights this and aims it at the other guy (who also has a target on his shirt). They are backed by a harbor (probably New York, Hong Kong, or somewhere in Canada). Anyway so the roman candle's start blasting this guy and he is jumping around trying to keep from catching on fire. Eventually one of the shots gets inside his helmet and he has to rip it off and pour water on his head.

Watch this guy take a roman candle shot to the chin for a good time.


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Guy Dances Around While Firecrackers Explode Strapped To His Chest

Firework Guy VideoI believe the guy in this video probably deserves an Honorary Darwin Award for his part. The video starts out with the guy having a bunch of firecrackers strapped to his chest. There are maybe four or five rows of firecrackers covering his chest with some Chinese letting up at the top. He lights the firecrackers and then proceeds to dance around while they blow up. At the end you can see all the powder burn on his chest from the firecrackers going off. Ouch.

Watch this guy dance around with firecrackers on his chest.


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Model Rocket Motor Strapped To A Lego Car Goes Airborn In A Corkscrew

Rocket Car VideoSo the people in this video took a model rocket motor and strapped it onto a little home made Lego car. They set it up out in their dead end street and counted down from ten. Once this thing lights off it takes a sharp right turn and just keeps going around in a circle until it comes back around and heads straight for the kid that launched it. It looks like it hits the launching pad box and then goes airborn in a corkscrew. Finally it lands back on the ground and shoots off up the street. I had to watch this thing over and over from the point where they light it off.

Watch this rocket car go crazy in this video.


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Unauthorized Viral Ad For Volkswagen Polo Goes Wrong

Unauthorized VW Polo Viral Ad VideoThere is a major storm brewing up about an unauthorized viral advertisement made about the Volkswagen Polo car. Apparently a couple guys at an ad agency created this viral ad as a test reel to make a name for themselves. They came it wasn't ment for public consumption but Volkswagen is howling mad about the whole thing and they have filed criminal charges in Germany. In the advertisement it shows a middle eastern looking individual walking out of a flat and getting in a VW Polo car. It shows him driving the car and it shows a cafe where people are eating. The car pulls up to the cafe and then it shows the guy inside the car pressing down on a detonator (he is strapped with explosives). But a funny thing happens, the explosion is contained within the car. We see the explosion happen inside the car and the windows splatter. The people at the cafe don't see or hear a thing.

Watch the VW Polo video for yourself (warning: graphic) and read the full accounting of video including quotes from Volkswagon, the ad creators, the directory of the video, and others.


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BMW M5 Rocket Car Viral Commercial Video

BMW M5 Commercial VideoIf you haven't seen this BMW commercial for the M5 it is pretty cool. For most of the commercial it shows this rocket car on full burn out in the desert blowing dust everwhere. Near the end of the commercial the rocket car deploys it's black and white parachute and stops. The commercial pans to the left and shows the car that was filming the rocket car. Of coarse it is a BMW M5 (hence the commercial part) with a professional movie camera strapped to the side. BMW is getting pretty good at these viral marketting commericals.

Check out the BMW M5 rocket car video for yourself.


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