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Drivers Crash Into Bollards In Bus Lanes For A Good Time

Bollard VideoThis video would do better if it had commentary while the video was rolling. In any event England has installed this posts called bollards on various streets to only allow buses to use certain lanes. When the bus drives up the bollards go down and let the bus by. The bollards then close and if someone tries to drive by they hit the bollards. This video features various different drives who try to sneak by after the bus has gone through and run into the bollards. Some of the pretty hit them pretty hard and smack into their windshields. So let that be a lesson to you, 'Don't drive in bus lanes.'

Watch the video of the British bollards for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Street Fighter Ryu Verses Duck Hunt Ducks In This Mashup Video

Street Fighter Duck Hunter Mashup VideoHere's a mashup of Street Fighter and Duck Hunter in this video created in Mugen. Apparently Mugen is a build your own Street Fighter clone engine. This guy must have imported the Street Fighter character and moves and put it against the background of duck hunt. It seems like it is actually playable (in that he actually hits the ducks programmably instead of being scripted to the background movie). Mugen has a training mode which this is probably part of. It looks like there are over two hundred different characters you can import and play with in Mugen from a quick web search on the topic.

Watch the video of Ryu stomping some ducks in this mashup video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Ad Where A Dog Craps On His Masters Bed For A Good Time

Funny Dog Crap VideoThis video is an anti dog crapping on the street public service announcement. It starts out with a dog waking up and running into his masters bedroom. The dog jumps on the bed and takes a giant crap right on the bed in front of his masters face. The guy finally wakes up (from the smell I assume) but he isn't mad. He laughs and plays with the dog. To paraphrase the ad, it says "We don't care how you do it at home but on the street pick up your dog crap." The look on the guy's face when he first sees the dog crap is classic.

Watch the anti-dog crapping on the street public service announcement video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Roller Blades Down The Street And Plays Music On Wine Bottles

Skater Music VideoThe guy in this video is on a blocked off city street in New York or San Francisco. There are a bunch of bottles lined up in front of him on either side. He is on roller blades and has ski polls. There is what looks like a spoon attached to the outside of each of his skates. As he skates between the win bottles the handles of the spoons hit the wine bottles and play a song as the guy skates down the street. I can't tell if the bottles are open and half empty (or all empty) to achieve the different tones or not.

Check out the video of the guy making music with roller blades below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Accident Where A Driver Runs A Red Light And Hits A Biker And The Biker Is Fine

Crazy Bike Accident VideoIn this video the green car runs a red light (according to the caption) and hits a motorbike. The guy on the motorbike rolls onto the car windshield and hits his head on the glass (you can see the cracks where he hit it) before coming back down on his bike with his shoulder and finally falling to his feet on the pavement. From here he starts walking around yelling and throwing up his hands. It's pretty amazing that he is able to walk around after being hit like that. He walks off camera for a moment and stands on the center divider (so he doesn't get hit again) before walking back and picking up his backpack out of the street. The lady in the car gets out and watchs talks to the guy from near her car.

Watch the video of this guy getting hit by a car on his bike and walking away from the accident.


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Super Mentos Diet Soda Rocket Shoots Over A Two Story House

Super Mentos Diet Soda Rocket VideoThis is probably the ultimate mentos diet soda rocket as when the guy fires it off it flies over a two story house and lands on the other side. In an additional video the guy shows how he uses only two mentos to get this soda rocket off the ground. He chews one up and puts it in the cap and then sticks another one to it. Once he has the cap on he knocks them down into the soda and shakes it up. Once it takes it out and throws it down at the street it blasts off. I'd assume that the reason less mentos makes it go farther is that with to many mentos in there it is either too much thrust or the thrust is curtailed by to many bubbles.

Check out the full sized video of the super mentos diet soda rocket below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Dummy Looks Like His Head Is Stuck In A Wall As People Walk By And Gawk

Head In Wall VideoThis series of videos is an artist filming people looking at the artist's street art which consists of tape people (people shapes created out of tape). In this specific video one of the tape people is dressed up in clothes and positioned against a wall on a busy street. The trick with this one is that the tape person has no head and is leaned up against the wall as if the guys head was stuck inside the wall. The people walking by either stop and look, get freaked out by it, take a picture of it with their cell phone, or try and talk to the tape dummy guy. The best one is the guy that goes up and shakes the dummy to see if it's real or not. There are three additional videos of other tape dummies at the host site.

Check out this tape dummy head in the wall video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Bill Gates Admits To Infringing Copyrights By Viewing Videos On YouTube

Bill Gates Infringes Copyrights On YouTubeIn a recent Wall Street Journal interview Bill Gates admits to infringing copyrights by viewing 'unauthorized' content on YouTube. The WSJ interviewer drops into RIAA/MPAA propaganda speak and asks Bill if the content was stolen. Bill replies that, no, technically it is copyright infringement. But wait, that's not all, the hypocracy gets even richer. The 'blogger' on ComputerWorld which quotes (technically copyright infringement if you ignore fair use) from the 'paid content' WSJ article complains that the internet is to blame for all of the 'rampant cheating, theft, and stealing'. The comments on his blog take him to task for being such a hypocrite. Here's a hint: If the richest man in the world can fall afoul of overreaching copyright laws they probably need to be scaled back.

Click over and check out the hypocracy of the ComputerWorld 'blogger' and the quote from the WSJ interview with Bill Gates.


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Skeleton Puppet Dances On A Sidewalk For Money And The Win

Skeleton Puppet Dance VideoThis video features a street performer with a skeleton puppet. The guy holds the puppet strings and dances the skeleton puppet around for the crowd. I think the skeleton is dancing around to Elvis music in the background (it seemed that way from the comments section on the video). The guy also has a bag people are throwing money into. Near the end the skeleton sits down in his own little throne chair. The people that just stand there with a ign probably make more than this guy per day though.

Check out the full video of the dancing skeleton below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Walks Around And His Head Drops Off To Scare People In This Video

Headless Man Trick VideoI think we may have posted another video like this one previously where there was a girl on a stage that does a similar trick. The difference in this video is that this old Asian guy takes to the streets and does the trick in front of unsuspecting people. Basically he walks up to people, coughs, and his head drops into his hands. The people freak out (watch their faces in the video for a good time). The trick is the guy is wearing a wire shoulder unit where he can bend down and his shoulders and shirt stay where they are making it look like his head just dropped off.

Check out the full video of this old guy doing the headless trick below or click over to view it on the host site.


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