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People Make A Home Made Rocket Powered Skate Board And Ride Off Into The Sunset

Rocket Board VideoSo the people in this video make their own rocket engine out of household items like sugar and PVC pipe. Then they strap this rocket engine to a weird looking skate board (I've never seen a skateboard with wheels hanging out in the front and back like that). The kid gets on the skate board, pulls the ignition string and off he goes. The rocket make a whole bunch of smoke and he is soon obscured by the smoke. I can't say that the speed is all that great on it either. The aftermath picture shows where near the end of the rocket it burned through the PVC pipe.

Check out this home made rocket powered skate board for yourself.

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Photo Of Margo Dydek The 7 Foot Tall Woman On The Basketball Court

Tall Girl PhotoWhoaaaaaa Nelly... er Margo. Yahoo's most emailed photo right now is this photo of Margo Dydek from Poland who is a basketball player for the Connecticut Suns. Apparently she is seven feet two inchs tall and if you click on over to view the full photo you'll see just how amazing that is. In the full size photo there is another player trying to guard this woman on the basketball court but she only comes up to Margo's waist. Oops. Try for a bigger guard next time guys? Seriously, most doors are what, around 6 feet tall? That means she has to bend down to walk through almost every door in New York (where this photo was taken). That would suck.

Check out the full size photo of Margo on the court for yourself.


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Get Your Game On And Convert All Of The Clouds To Suns In Sunny Day

Sunny Day Flash GameInteresting little flash puzzle game. The goal of the game is to turn all of the cloud squares to sun squares. You do this by jumping the squares until all of the squares are sun squares. You can jump a square with a cloud or with a sun. The graphics are basic but fun. Actually this game is a lot like the game Go where you have to change all of the other player's color to yours. It is just set up like Minesweeper instead.

Get your Sunny Day on for a good time.


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