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Guy Almost Hits His Head While Riding A Robotic Arm For A Good Time

Guy in this video sits in a car seat which is welded to a robotic arm. The arm swings him around and I assume it is controlled by a human operator verses a recorded or random sequence of movements. Even so a couple times he almost hits his head on the ground for a Darwin Award.



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Fire Sculture Pendulum Jet Engine Thing Swings Around For A Good Time

Fire Pendulum VideoHere is another video from Krazy Kooks In The Desert 2006 er I mean Burningman. There was a similar video from 2005 however in that video the fire jet just hung off a pole on a single rope. They upgraded it a bit since then and this time it is a pendulum with the fire jet swinging around up in the air on a pole. It looks like there are five burners, one up, one towards the camera, and one on either side. It seems like it is RC controlled as they shoot one side burner to swing it one way and then shoot the other side burner to swing it the other way. However the pendulum weight is also giving it some movement. It's basically a jet engine on a pendulum swinging around.

Check out the video of the fire pendulum below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Crazy Video Of A Guy With A Fire Wire Pinwheel Throwing Off Sparks

Fire Wire VideoIn this video the guy has a steel wool wire setup which he lights on fire and swings around. It starts out slow but ramps up pretty quick until he is throwing huge whirls of sparks all over the place including over twenty feet in the air. Fourth of July pinwheels have nothing on this super sparkler pinwheel. I'd go as far as to say this video is better than the fire whip jump rope video we featured recently. It's hard to tell if the fire wire is throwing off more sparks when it is hitting the ground or it is just burning faster.

Check out the full video of the guy whiping the fire wire pinwheel around below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Swings Around Flaming Balls Of Fire In This Video For A Good Time

Fire Poi VideoIn this video we have what the caption of the video describes as "fire poi". I assume this description is based on the two swinging fireball things being from some Pacific island nation. In any event this guy is swinging these two sling like objects around at night while they are on fire. There is no sound with the video and he does pretty will for the most part except for one try where they get tangled up behind him. I'm not sure if he was trying to do an under the leg or what. As to how they work I assume it's probably some dense cloth that is soaked a flameable liquid. So what do you think, does fire poi mean flaming balls of fire?

Check out the flaming balls of fire for yourself by clicking here or view the full video below.


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Guy Tries To Spin His Guitar Around His Neck And Ends Up Trashing It

Guitar Spin VideoThe clown in this video decides to play it cool and spin his guitar around his neck for a good time. Everything is going great and his first spin the guitar makes it all the way around and he catchs it. Yay. Well the next swing the strap holding the guitar on somehow unclips and when he swings the guitar it flies off over his shoulder and clatters on the floor. Probably broke the neck of the guitar based on how it landed. So just how cool are you now with a broken guitar bro?

Watch this guy destroy his guitar by mistake.


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Guy With A Unicycle Does All Kinds Of Crazy Tricks And Crashs In These Clips

Unicycle VideoIn this video we have a guy on a unicycle that does all kinds of crazy tricks (and crazy crashs). He mountain unicycles down a mountain, bounces on poles, bounces on tables, bounces on the bedge of cliffs, swings the unicycle around by the seat with his feet, and all kinds of other crazy stuff. It also includes video of him eating dirt a few times while bouncing on stairs or crossing logs. I bet you can't do that with a regular bike let alone a unicycle like this guy. The very last clip is of him jumping onto a stair rail and following down backwards onto the stairs. OUCH.

Check out the video of the crazy guy with the unicycle.


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Darwin Award Finalist Base Jumper Hero Jumps And Gets Caught On A Light Pole

Base Jumper VideoDing Ding Ding Darwin Award Finalist Alert! Our hero in this video decides to base jump off a satelite communications tower for a good time. So he jumps off the tower and deploys his chute. Everything is going good and he is coming down for a landing when bam. His chute catchs on the light pole and swings him around. The guy flips around and smacks into the top of the roof and then I would assume falls off and hangs by his parachute. The video ends before we see that part though. Still think base jumping is awesome?

Base jumper takes it in the shorts.


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Bus Driver And Kids Get In A Crazy Brawl On A School Bus For A Good Time

Bus Fight VideoIn this video clip we have utter mayhem on a school bus. The video starts out with the bus driver telling the kids to turn around and of coarse they don't listen. Next a little kid in a white shirt on the left says "Suck Me!". The bus driver goes back to him and says something like "Damn you." Another kid in the far back (blue kid) says "Watch your mouth!" and the bus driver says "Don't tell me what to do!". Next the bus driver calls on the radio for a cop to come out to the bus. He tells the kid in the back to come up to the front but the kid ignores him. The bus driver walks towards the back of the bus but another kid steps out behind him and starts swearing at him. The bus driver turns around and grabs the kid by the neck (tall kid). The wrestle around for a bit while blue kid screams "GET OFF HIM" over and over. Tall kid gets to the back of the bus some how and takes some swings at the bus driver. Finally the bus driver comes back up to the front and tall kid follows him. Some pushing ensues and then blue kid and tall kid starts saying "Let me off the bus, you're gunna get fired, you're going to jail". Crazy. What would you do?

Watch the mayhem on the bus for a good time.


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Guys Some Up Another Guy With An Exploding Cigar To Get Him To Quit Smoking

Exploding Cigar VideoApparently the guys in this video put some gunpowder on the end of a cigar. Then they gave the cigar to this guy (it is probably one of their dad's or something). The guy goes to light it up and takes a drag on it. At this point it basically explodes in his face with a big cloud of white smoke. Since the guy is sitting in a chair there really isn't any way to get away from the explosion though he does move back to the side. The guy with the video camera does some weird stuff. He swings it around when the guy lights it and captures the explosion and then brings the camera back to a pond and zooms in on a frog as if nothing happened. If I were to guess I would probably say they want this guy to quick smoking.

Watch this guy get more fire from his cigar than he bargained for.


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Monkey Harasses Two Tigers By Pulling Their Tails And Ears In This Video

Monkey Tormets Tiger Cubs VideoThis is a pretty long video clocking in at around three and a half minutes of a monkey torments two tiger cubs. I don't know if they are in a zoo or in the wild but I would assume some kind of animal park. I think they are both tiger cubs because you would think they would be much more aggressive if they were full grown. Anyway in the video the monkey swings all over above the tigers in the trees. He keeps making passes down at them to wack them in the head, pull their ears, and pull their tales. They jump at him and try to catch him with their claws but they are two slow. He even comes down and sits on the ground a few times and they still can't catch him.

Check out the monkey tormenting the tigers in this video.


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