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Microsoft Prototype Interface Ala Minority Report In This Video

Microsoft Minority Report Interface VideoHere's a prototype screen interface from Microsoft which was demoed at the CEBIT 2006 conference. It's very similar to the interface from the movie Minority Report. I believe they are using a rear projector (though it's possible they are using an LCD). Basically there is a piece of glass with the display on it and then behind the glass is a motion sensor which tracks the user movements (I believe). There is either an LCD sandwiched in between two pieces of glass or a rear projector. I also think this is the interface that Robert Scoble talks about in this interview.

Check out the video of the interface ala Minority Report below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Largest Man Made Machine In The World Eats A Bulldozer

Mine Machine ArticelHere is a blog article which contains a stream of photos picturing one largest moveable man made machine in the world. Apparently it is an open mining machine in Germany. The article talks about how they had to move it from one mine area to another and it can only move in a straight line so they had to drive it over roads and train tracks. Once it got to the new mine it had a mishaps where it got a bulldozer caught in it's giant mining wheen (pictured).

Check out all of the photos of this giant man made machine for yourself after the jump.

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Accident Where A Driver Runs A Red Light And Hits A Biker And The Biker Is Fine

Crazy Bike Accident VideoIn this video the green car runs a red light (according to the caption) and hits a motorbike. The guy on the motorbike rolls onto the car windshield and hits his head on the glass (you can see the cracks where he hit it) before coming back down on his bike with his shoulder and finally falling to his feet on the pavement. From here he starts walking around yelling and throwing up his hands. It's pretty amazing that he is able to walk around after being hit like that. He walks off camera for a moment and stands on the center divider (so he doesn't get hit again) before walking back and picking up his backpack out of the street. The lady in the car gets out and watchs talks to the guy from near her car.

Watch the video of this guy getting hit by a car on his bike and walking away from the accident.


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Square Watermelons Raw Horse Meat And Sparrow On A Stick In Japan

Square Watermelon PhotoI saw a photo of a square watermelon over on another blog but there was no additional information to go with it. Looking for more information I came across a site in Japan which talks about square watermelons (and other foods). Apparently they grow square watermelons in a glass box and in Japan they cost something like 10,000 yen a pop at the time the webpage was written. It says they are a luxury item that would be given as a corporate gift. Other foods listed on the page are horse meat (with photo), grilled sparrow on a stick, living fish, and blowfish. So do other melons like cantelope grow square in a box or is the rind not tough enough? Would oranges grow square?

Check out the larger photo of the square watermelon and a photo of some horse meat.


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Metal Robot With A Latex Einstein Head Walks Around And Talks

Einstein Robot VideoWe're one step closer to a Futurama future! This video has a group of scientists from Hubo Labs working on a robot version of Einstein. I'm not sure what their overall goal with the project is other than maybe creating a robot tour guide or robot grade school history/science lesson. The head of the robot is a human shaped latex head of Einstein while the rest of the robot is your generic Japanese looking robot. The head and face of Einstein has facial expressions and 'talks' (though I assume it is pre-recorded). The head itself looks pretty good but it would have probably looked better had it been on a human sized body and not a three foot tall robot body.

Watch the full video of the walking talking robot with an Einstein head below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Australian Sheep Listen To Opera And Grow Super Super Fine Wool

Golden Fleece WoolSo I ran into an article which talks about sheep in Australia which listen to Italian opera music and their wool is twice as fine as regular wool. A bale of the super super fine (11.8 micron) wool sells for A$232,500 or A$2,500 per kilogram of wool. Regular superfine wool is ~20 microns and sells for something like A$651 per bale of wool. The article compares this to the "golden fleece" so I checked the price of gold in Australian dollars and it's A$23,928 per kilogram. So while the 11.8 micron wool doesn't compare price wise to gold it is a lot closer than regular wool. The real question is if YOU listen to opera does your hair come in finer?

Head on over and read the full article about the golden fleece 11.8 micron wool for yourself.


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DRM Agent Spoof Video Featuring A Copyright Enforcement Officer With Each DVD Purchase

DVD Pirate Agent VideoHere is a spoof video on copyright infringement and DRM (that's digital restrictions management). The video starts out with a lady buying a DVD, "The Product" in a DVD store. Only, she doesn't quite get what she bargained for. Along with her DVD she gets her own special DRM Agent enforcement officer which follows her around, spies on her, and makes sure no one is able to copy the DVD. So when the lady talks to a friend about "sharing" the DVD with her the DRM Agent whisks her away from the "potentially illegal" encounter and calls the friend a commie pinko. Next up the a purse snatcher comes up and steals the lady's purse (which happens to contain the DVD). The DRM agant only goes after the purse snatcher once he finds out that the DVD is in it. He chases the purse snatcher down and then pulls out a gun. When the purse snatcher hides behind a mother and child he guns them all down just to get the DVD back. He brings the DVD back to the lady who originally purchased it but didn't bother bringing her purse back. That's DRM folks. Contains NSFW language.

Check out the full video spoof of the DRM Agent below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Candid Camera Free Photo Booth Trick Talks Trash To People

Free Photo Booth Candid CameraSo one of the late night syndicated TV shows had an episode where they setup a free photo booth at some amusement park in Los Angeles. The special thing about this photobooth is that it has a camera on the inside and the outside plus a remote operator with microphone controlling the free photo camera. When the people step into the booth the operator talks all kinds of trash to the people in the booth to get them to do funny things before taking their free picture. Some examples are, having one family cram something like eight or ten people in the both, tell a couple of kids no eating in the booth and then telling them their parents are eating their icecream, telling a guy to take off his shirt, etc.

Watch the full video of this free photo booth candid camera for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Japanese Magician Pulls Real Hamburgers Out Of A 2D Sign And Eats Them

Japanese Magician Trick VideoSo the Japanese magician guy in this video has me stumped. He's a street magician and he's outside a fast food restaurant (maybe a Micky D's). There is a crowd of people watching and there is a sign on the wall with pictures of hamburgers. He reachs up and pulls a real hamburger out of the sign. The place where the hamburger was in the sign is now a whitespace and he holds a real hamburger in this hand. He takes a bite out of it and then places it back into the sign. The hamburger in the sign now has a bite out of it. Next it does it again to another burger farther down in the sign. He talks a bite out of this one as well and then walks off. For the life of me I can't see the burger in this hand when he moves it up to the sign. Is it a video trick or does this guy rock?

Watch the full video of the Japanese hamburger magician guy below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Cat Rips Up A Guys Inner Thigh In A Bid For Freedom In This Video

Crazy Cat VideoOuch. The guy in this video is filming an animal adoption video for a cat named Pinky(or Peeky ?). Now, Pinky is pet of the week and he stays still for about ten or twenty seconds while the guy talks about him being pet of the week. At this point Pinky decides he's had enough and tries to get away. The guy has Pinky on a leash and Pinky is just going nuts. He's flying up in the air, running around in circles, and trying his best to escape. A lady tries to help by attempting to catch Pinky in a pet box. This makes Pinky go even more crazy. Soon Pinky gets his leash tangled around the guys leg and starts crawling up his leg. Pinky grabs on with his claws to the inside of this guy's thigh and digs in. The guy starts screaming like a banshee and finally lets Pinky go. Like I said, ouch.

Watch Pinky rip this guy to shreds in his bid for freedom below or click over to view it on the original website.


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