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Bill Gates Admits To Infringing Copyrights By Viewing Videos On YouTube

Bill Gates Infringes Copyrights On YouTubeIn a recent Wall Street Journal interview Bill Gates admits to infringing copyrights by viewing 'unauthorized' content on YouTube. The WSJ interviewer drops into RIAA/MPAA propaganda speak and asks Bill if the content was stolen. Bill replies that, no, technically it is copyright infringement. But wait, that's not all, the hypocracy gets even richer. The 'blogger' on ComputerWorld which quotes (technically copyright infringement if you ignore fair use) from the 'paid content' WSJ article complains that the internet is to blame for all of the 'rampant cheating, theft, and stealing'. The comments on his blog take him to task for being such a hypocrite. Here's a hint: If the richest man in the world can fall afoul of overreaching copyright laws they probably need to be scaled back.

Click over and check out the hypocracy of the ComputerWorld 'blogger' and the quote from the WSJ interview with Bill Gates.


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Darth Tater And Spud Trooper Have A New Friend In Artoo Potatoo

Star Wars Potato HeadsLast year Hasbro released Darth Tater, Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. Later on last year they also released "Spud Trooper" another Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Head. This year they are coming out with Artoo Potatoo which is R2-D2 as a Mr. Potato Head. I haven't quite figured out what the Spud Trooper guy is holding in his right hand there. It looks like a potato masher (maybe that's some kind of potate joke where instead of having a blaster rifle ala Star Wars it's a potato masher). So at some point are they going to come out with a Mrs. Leia Potato, Mr. Potato Chewbacca, Jabba the Potato, and Solo Potato?

View the full sized photo of the Mr. Potato Head Star Wars toys.


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DRM Agent Spoof Video Featuring A Copyright Enforcement Officer With Each DVD Purchase

DVD Pirate Agent VideoHere is a spoof video on copyright infringement and DRM (that's digital restrictions management). The video starts out with a lady buying a DVD, "The Product" in a DVD store. Only, she doesn't quite get what she bargained for. Along with her DVD she gets her own special DRM Agent enforcement officer which follows her around, spies on her, and makes sure no one is able to copy the DVD. So when the lady talks to a friend about "sharing" the DVD with her the DRM Agent whisks her away from the "potentially illegal" encounter and calls the friend a commie pinko. Next up the a purse snatcher comes up and steals the lady's purse (which happens to contain the DVD). The DRM agant only goes after the purse snatcher once he finds out that the DVD is in it. He chases the purse snatcher down and then pulls out a gun. When the purse snatcher hides behind a mother and child he guns them all down just to get the DVD back. He brings the DVD back to the lady who originally purchased it but didn't bother bringing her purse back. That's DRM folks. Contains NSFW language.

Check out the full video spoof of the DRM Agent below or click over to view it on the host site.


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Watch This McLaren Slam Into A Wall In This Crash Test Video

McLaren Crash Test VideoYou've probably seen other crash tests of cars that when the car hits the whole thing pretty much gets mangled. Not in this crash test. There isn't any information on how fast the car is going when it slams into the wall and it looks like it is a solid wall (and not a corner hit) but the McLaren holds up amazingly. The front of the car crushs in to the wheels and thats it. The rest of the car is entirely intact and the windshield doesn't even crack. Try that in your regular road SUV and the whole car is totaled.

View the full video of the McLaren crash test below or click over to view it on the host site.


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AD&D Meets Legoland Miniatures In Live Action Everquest For A Good Time

Everquest LegolandPull on your nerd hat and prepare for another one of those OMG WTF moments of "Why didn't I think of that one?". So there is a guy that put togather something called BrickQuest. Basically he took the original board game idea added a little Everquest, a little AD&D, and built the sets with legos and lego characters ala pewter miniatures. One other thing it reminds me of is an old game written in GW-BASIC in the 80s called Wizard.bas in that you don't know what's in the next room until you move there. But wait, that's not all. It has ninjas! Black ninjas and red ninjas and even a Ninja Warlord. What's not to love about this game? As far as I can tell you basically have to buy all the legos yourself and then put it togather with some imagination (or copy the stuff in his images) though he does provide a rulebook. Lego ninja's for the win!

If you're a lego ninja nerd and you can't help it head on over and check out the BrickQuest board game.


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Strange Japanese Pretzle Commercial Which Lacks A Marketing Gimick

Crazy Japanese Commercial VideoUp for today we have this crazy Japanese (what I assume to be a food) commercial. There are two sumo wrestlers doing judo or some such in the background and what is probably a Japanese pop start or tennis star or some such doing the same moves in the foreground. They shout out on each move and that's basically it. There is nothing else to the commercial. See I told you it was crazy. Near the end they show the pop start biting a "stick" which I can only assume is a straight pretzle based on the name on the box that they show. And how exactly is this going to convince anyone to buy this product? Hint: It's not.

Stupify your brain by watching this Japanese commercial for a good time below or click over and view it on the main site.


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PayPal Employees Try To Make Flambe Steak And Cook Up A Fire For A Good Time

Steak Fire VideoApparently if you work at PayPal you get to have fun with flaming steaks. This video really has nothing to do with PayPal other than one of the guys is wearing a PayPal t-shirt. Anyway there are a bunch of people in a small kitchen. One guy has a frying pan with a steak in it. He pours some flamable liquid on the steak and then lights it with a match. Suffice to say the flame shoots about three feet in the air and he has to pull it off the stove to keep the fire from catching the microwave above it on fire. I'm not sure that's really the right way to make flambe steak. Better head back to that internet site where you got the recipe.

Check out the video for yourself over on YouTube or play it below.


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Guy In Spain Takes It Up The Bum From A Bull Horn For A Good Time

Bull Horn PhotoHaving seen multiple photos and video of people in Spain getting a bull horn up the bum from an enraged bull this photo doesn't surprise me in the least. What is still amazing though is how much power the bull has which usually causes the human to go at least one or two feet in the air. In the photo pictured the guy is about one foot up in the air with the only thing holding him up is the bulls horn up his bum. Ouch. That's gotta hurt even if the end of the horns are sawed off flat. This photo is one of the most emailed photos on Yahoo right now.

Check out the full size version of the photo with the bull horn up the guys bum for yourself.


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Strap Into Your Space Ship And Get Your Alien Killing On With This A Blast Game

A Blast Flash GameA cross between the 1942 top down plane shooter and Space Invaders. You fly your ship, shoot lasers at aliens, and collect powerups. Once fault with this game is that the background is completely black which is rather boring. If you like this type of top down scrolling shooter give this game a shot because it will entertain you for at least a few minutes while you waste time at work. Other than that that's all there is to it.

Get your arcade game playing on with A-Blast for a good time.


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A Hero Runs And Jumps On Top Of A Stack Of Metal Chairs For A Good Time

Chair Crash VideoPreviously we've posted a video of a guy ramming his bike into a stack of garbage cans. Well the guy in this video has the same quality of intelligence as that last guy. In this video they have a pretty good stack of brown metal folding chairs all stacked up in the middle of a class room. The guy takes a pretty good running start and jumps into the middle of the stacked up chairs. Needless to say they all fall down in a heap with him at the bottom. That's gotta hurt.

Watch this guy pretend these chairs are a soft mattress.


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