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Futuristic Hover Drone Invented In England In This Article

Hoverdrone ImageHere is an interesting article about an inventor from England who has created a hoverdrone. It is basically a cross between a hovercraft and a helicopter which looks like a flying saucer. It's shaped like a bell with the rotating blade above the bellshape. The air is forced down around the sides of the bell which I assume causes lift. This thing looks like the hover drones from the Dark Angel TV series. The real question is can they scale this thing up so it can carry a human?



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Ice And Thermite Explode For A Good Time In This Video Clip

In this video clip they take a can of thermite, place it over a barrel size ice cube and light the thermite on fire. The thermite burns through it's container and drops down onto the ice where the whole thing explodes.



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Wiimote Controls Tennis Racquet And Saber Robot Arm For The Win

In this video they have a wiimote controlling an industrial arm robot. The two different things they try are attaching a tennis racquet to�the robot arm�and attaching a sword to the robot arm. One noticeable thing is that the robot arm lags considerably behind the wiimote movement.



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Photo Of A Two Faced Cow Born In Virginia

Two Faced Cow PhotoThis photo of a two faced cow shot up to the number one emailed photo on Yahoo today. Yesterday it was on the move in their top twenty or so. Apparently the cow has two eyes in the center of the two faces, two tongues, and two different noses which it breaths out of. The real question is does Rural Retreat, Virginia where the cow was born glow? In reality mutations like this are pretty common it seems as we've posted things like this before and there are whole websites dedicated to five legged cows and other such things.

Check out the full sized photo of the two faced cow for yourself.


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Light Show Syncronized To The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Syncronized Light Show VideoHere's a video of a Christmas light setup syncronized to music. Apparently the score is Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Eve Sarajevo and the lights do a pretty good job of accenting the music. Not all of the lights are set to the music as some of the front white lights on the left and right side of the setup are not syncronized. The real question is does this guy have that thing going on the entire time or he only setup the syncronization to record it. It probably drives the neighbors nuts if it�repeats over and over�like that the whole time for a month.

Check out the video of the syncronized light show below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Hypocritical BMW Commercial Which Professes Their Innovative Ideas

Hypocrite BMW Commercial VideoIn this commercial there is a guy who builds machines similar to Leonardo Da Vinci. He calls himself a kinetic sculpture and his sculptures are made of light materials and powered by the wind. The sculptures look like robotic crop sprinklers with wings. The main idea of the commercial is that the only thing standing in the way of innovation is ourselves. This is somewhat hypocritical because the commercial is for the car company BMW. BMW has been making the same cars for the last 50 years. An innovative car company. What a joke.

Check out the hypocritical BMW commercial below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Indian Guy Conducts Electricity Without Showing Any Signs Of Pain In This Video

Electric Guy VideoA guy in India can pass an electric current through his body and he doesn't feel a thing (or so he claims). In the video he puts a live wire to his tongue and another wire to a fan and the fan starts up and works. At the end of the video he holds a lightbulb and an electric skillet. The flips the switch, the lightbulb turns on, and an egg is fried on the skillet. He states that some people accused him of having some kind of implants in his hands that allowed him to do it but they tested them and there was nothing. the guy is an electrician of all things. He does seem to have a little bit of a spasm when the current first hits but he controls it. Or the whole video is a fake.

Check out the electric Indian guy video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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High Speed Camera Footage Shows Various Objects Exploding When Hit

High Speed Video CompilationHere's a video compilation of various high speed camera footage. It starts out with a dart hitting a balloon and then a dart hitting a water balloon. The thumbnail here is the dart hitting the water balloon. It's amazing how the water keeps it's shape after the balloon is gone. Next up is a tall glass which breaks (I assume from a sound vibration) followed by an empty glass water bottle and then a full glass water bottle falling and breaking into pieces. Following this there are various different videos of a glass sphere filled with various things like vacuum and then a tomato hit by a flying pencil. The video finishs up with an apple and another fruit being hit by a bullet.

Watch the high speed camera footage for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Real Hamster Side Scroller Video Game Video For The Win

Real Hamster Video GameHere's a video where a hamster runs through what looks like a cardboard cutout of a side scroller video game. It seems like for most of the video the 'level' is up and down but for some of it they turn the 'level' on it's side to make the hamster go where they want it to. In any event the effect is of a hamster running around in a side scroller video game collecting food treats. They add monsters and moving platforms by using wires with paper cutouts glued to them. At a couple points in the video the hamster things about climbing out of the 'level' completely.

Check out the video of the hamster playing the video game below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Mechanical Spider Vehicle Called Mondo Spider Walks Aaround In This Video

Mondo Spider VideoThere are a bunch of different video clips of this mechanical spider vehicle and here is one of them. Basically the guy sits in the middle of the "spider" and walks it around with some joysticks. One thing I noticed about the legs is that some of them just seemed to slide along the ground as if the weight was on a different foot than some of the feet that were down. I assume this would allow it to walk on more uneven terrain but on blacktop it seems a little strange. It looks like the gas tank is right behind the drivers head. Apparently they also took this Mondo Spider vehicle to Burningman.

Check out one of the mondo spider video clips below and click over to view the other mondo spider video clips at the host site.


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