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Print Images On Bread Using A Blowtorch Inkjet Toaster

This guy has a printer setup that writes images on toast using a small blowtorch. It's basically an ink jet printer except that it uses a blowtorch instead. One of a kind toaster.



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A Man Fondles His Toaster In This Strange Music Video Or Does He

Wacked Toaster VideoI think the guy in this video might have recently escaped from the funny farm (if you get my drift). The title of the video is "A Man And His Toaster". It features this guy walking around carrying his toaster while he does various other things like it were a silent film. Such as talk on the phone (to another toaster?), dance around with the toaster, and lastly plug it in. Who comes up with this stuff anyway? Did this guy get paid to do this? Was there a plot that I missed in there somewhere? You'll have to see it for yourself to find out just how wacked it is.

Check out the video of the man fondling his toaster below or view it on their website.


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