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Stick Figure Battles Animator For Control Of Windows

This is the second version of a animation where the creator draws a stick figure in Flash and then battles the stick figure as he attempts to take over the drawing area. The original animation took something on the order of six months to create.



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Mechanical Spider Vehicle Called Mondo Spider Walks Aaround In This Video

Mondo Spider VideoThere are a bunch of different video clips of this mechanical spider vehicle and here is one of them. Basically the guy sits in the middle of the "spider" and walks it around with some joysticks. One thing I noticed about the legs is that some of them just seemed to slide along the ground as if the weight was on a different foot than some of the feet that were down. I assume this would allow it to walk on more uneven terrain but on blacktop it seems a little strange. It looks like the gas tank is right behind the drivers head. Apparently they also took this Mondo Spider vehicle to Burningman.

Check out one of the mondo spider video clips below and click over to view the other mondo spider video clips at the host site.


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Guy Sticks 1600 Toothpicks In His Beard In 15 Minutes For A Good Time

Toothpick Beard VideoSo here is a video which has the distinction of�cataloging a guy with 1600 toothpicks stuck in his beard. According to the guy in the video it took him around 15 minutes to put the 1600 toothpicks in his beard. Previously he had put 800 toothpicks (or some such) in his beard and he wanted to double his record.�He doesn't say exactly why he is putting the toothpicks in his beard however. I'm going to go out on a limb here and recommend for this guy not to trip with the 1600 toothpicks in his beard or he might end up as a Darwin award winner.

Check out the guy with 1600 toothpicks in his beard in the video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Wedding Dress Made Of Cream Puffs Took 2 Months To Make In The Ukraine

Cream Puff Wedding Dress PhotoAccording the caption for this photo a chef spent two months making a wedding dress for his bride out of cream puffs. They live in some city in the Ukraine and the completed dress weighs twenty pounds. It is made up of 1500 cream puffs plus whatever else she is wearing. I can't tell if the flowers, crown, and neckless are also made of something edible and it doesn't say either. I assume the white portions on the cream puff dress are either powdered sugar or flour. I'd also assume that the cream puffs probably aren't filled as that would have spoiled them I think (or made them soggy).

Check out the full sized photo of this wedding dress made out of cream puffs for yourself.


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Cat Runs Around A Cat Sized Hamster Wheel To Get Cat Treats In This Video

Cat Wheel VideoSo the guy in this video took the idea of a hamster wheel, sized it up, added a reward system, and put his cat in it. The video is of his cat running in the cat wheel and every once in awhile after the wheel goes around enough a piece of food�is released and falls down a tube and into the cat wheel. It didn't seem like the cat was stopping to eat the food though so I'm not sure what the cat's reason for running in the cat wheel is. Perhaps the cat treat or whatever it is doesn't fall out very often. Additionally there is a stick which hits top of the wheel and creates a tap tap sound as the wheel goes around.

Check out the full video of this cat running in a cat sized hamster wheel for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Classic Video Games Depictred In Stop Motion Video Of Household Objects

Stop Motion Video Game VideoIn this video someone out there on the interweb took the time to create stop motion homages to old video games like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders. The items in the stop motion video are all from around the house like sponges, toys, cupcakes, salt shakers, leaves, bugs, rocks, etc. First up it features Centipede using cupcakes, muffins, birthday candles, and salt shakers. They did a pretty good job capturing the gameplay in all of them. Next up is Frogger which uses sponges, sequence, watchs, pretzels, and other such items to create a pretty accurate depiction of Frogger even down to the high score. Next up is Asteroids, Space Invaders, and finally Pac-Man where Pac-Man is played by a pizza.

Click over and check out the full�stop motion video homage to�classic video games.


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Stick Figure Battles A Flash Animation Artist For His Life In The Flash Interface

Stick Man Flash Attack VideoHere is a Flash animation which took the artist around three months to complete where a stick figure battles the artist in the Flash interface. The artist draws the stick figure who then gets a life of his own and attempts to escape. The stick figure grabs interface elements and uses drawings to battle the artist while the artist tries to destroy the stick figure by drawing guns and turrets that fire on the stick figure. The artist is even able to tie up the stick figure a few times but he escapes each time. Finally the stick figure liberates clones of himself and really starts taking over. At this point the artist closes the Flash document that the stick figure is living in.

Check out the full flash animation of this stick figure battling the artist for his life.


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Brand New Crazy Huge 14000 Square Feet British Mansion Tour Video

Crazy English Mansion VideoIn this video a mansion house called Updown Court is featured. The mansion was built in England and according to the video took five years to complete. The grounds include 58 acres of parks, gardens, and woodland. The inside living space of the house is around 14,000 square feet with a good portion of the house completely covered in a rare marble. There are multiple swimming pool sized pools inside the house and a large hearted pool outside. Additionally it features it's own bowling alley and what looks like house stables (not to mention the staff and guest houses). This place really reminds me of Hearst Castle, the Vanderbilt mansion, Lyndhurst, and the Rockefeller in architecture, design, and uselessness.

Watch the full video of the tour of this British mansion house below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Black And White Cartoons Become Alive And Jump Out Of The Page In This Art

Cartoons That Look Alive ImagesThis site features a number of images of cartoon drawings that are reaching out or interacting with the artists hands in the drawing. The first cartoon has a butcher grabbing the artist's wrist right through the page. The second cartoon has a Japanese ninja woman slicing the artist's pencil into pieces. These are followed by the artist keeping a gorilla at bay with his pen and holding a rabid dog away from him by the collar. The real question is did the artist take photos of his own hands or draw them? If he took photos did he take the photos before or after he drew the cartoons? I'm going to go with the artist took photos of his hand positions beforehand and then drew the cartoons to match.

Check out all of the full size images of the cartoons jumping out of the page.


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Photo Of A Gymnist Where It Appears The Gymnist Has No Head

Headless Gymnist PhotoSo one of the most emailed photos for today on Yahoo is this image taken at the right angle so it looks like the gymnist in the photo is missing a head. Instead the gymnists left foot is photographed where the head would usually have been. It's pretty crazy that you can't even see the chin of the gymnist. If you think that is weird looking think about the photographer that took the photo. The photographer had to be at the right place at the right time and then had to have been looking for weird photos so as�not to discard this one.

View the full sized headless gymnist photo for yourself.


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