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Crazy Martial Arts Weapon Battle From A 70s Tournament

Two guys battle it out using martial arts weapons in the video of this tournament. One guy has what I assume is a Bo (basically a quarterstaff) and the other guy has a three piece staff. The video quality is horrible.



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Brand New Crazy Huge 14000 Square Feet British Mansion Tour Video

Crazy English Mansion VideoIn this video a mansion house called Updown Court is featured. The mansion was built in England and according to the video took five years to complete. The grounds include 58 acres of parks, gardens, and woodland. The inside living space of the house is around 14,000 square feet with a good portion of the house completely covered in a rare marble. There are multiple swimming pool sized pools inside the house and a large hearted pool outside. Additionally it features it's own bowling alley and what looks like house stables (not to mention the staff and guest houses). This place really reminds me of Hearst Castle, the Vanderbilt mansion, Lyndhurst, and the Rockefeller in architecture, design, and uselessness.

Watch the full video of the tour of this British mansion house below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Metal Robot With A Latex Einstein Head Walks Around And Talks

Einstein Robot VideoWe're one step closer to a Futurama future! This video has a group of scientists from Hubo Labs working on a robot version of Einstein. I'm not sure what their overall goal with the project is other than maybe creating a robot tour guide or robot grade school history/science lesson. The head of the robot is a human shaped latex head of Einstein while the rest of the robot is your generic Japanese looking robot. The head and face of Einstein has facial expressions and 'talks' (though I assume it is pre-recorded). The head itself looks pretty good but it would have probably looked better had it been on a human sized body and not a three foot tall robot body.

Watch the full video of the walking talking robot with an Einstein head below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Video Shot In Thailand While Fishing For Crocodiles In The Local River

Croc Fishing VideoApparently a favorite tourist pastime in Thailand is croc baiting (or at least it is for the guys in this video). They appear to be on some kind of raised hotel bridge area above water. One of the guy has a bamboo fishing pole with a piece of chicken tied to the end of it. There are various crocodiles swimming around below them snapping at the piece of chicken or whatever it is. The crocs make some wild grabs for the meat but keep missing. Finally they put the meat really close to the nose of one of the huge crocs and he grabs it in less than a second before the fisherman guy can react.

Watch the croc fishing video below or view it over on their website.


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Artists Rendering Of A Glass Bottomed Walkway To Be Built Over The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon PhotoSo the most emailed photo over on Yahoo right now is this artists rendering of a planned glass bottomed walkway over the Grand Canyon. Apparently there is an Indian tribe which owns a pretty good sized chunk of land on the Grand Canyon. They plan on developing around 1,000 acres of it into a tourist destination which will include an Indian village, a Western town, and this walkway out over the Grand Canyon. Personally I think it sounds pretty cool to have the walkway out over the Canyon.

Check out the photo of the artists rendering for yourself over on Yahoo.


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Weird Al Gets Crazy In His Spoof Video Amish Paradise For A Good Time (And Money)

Weird Al Amish Paradise VideoIn case you've been living in a cave and haven't seen Weird Al's Amish Paradise song (which is a spoof of a song called Gangster's Paradise) where's a link to it. Weird Al runs around as an Amish guy churning butter, building bars, and attacking tourists (wtf?). There is probably a video for the Gangster's Paradise video as well but since I haven't seen it some of the things in Amish Paradise don't make that much sense. In any event it is still pretty funny to watch again even if you have seen it before. Go Weird Al.

Watch Weird Al's Amish Paradise video yourself.


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Put On Your Thinking Hat And Jump Into A Multiplayer Game Of Word Racer

Word Racer Java GameInteresting multiplayer word game. You join in a game with maybe 8 other players and you all have to find words out of the given letters. You have a limited time to find all the words. It is Windows only and brought to you by Yahoo. Probably requires a Yahoo account as well. This game is similar to Boggle and other such word finding games on the Internet. It also has tournaments, ladder ranking leagues, and other such multiplayer ranking systems. Check it out if you like word puzzles.

Get your word finding puzzle game on in Word Racer.


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Tiger Woods Makes An Amazing Shot In An Otherwise Boring Sport

Tiger Woods Shoots And Scores VideoNow normally I would have to say that golf is one of the more stupider sports out there but we'll make an exception for this video. Here we have Tiger Woods about 25 feet from the hole down a little slope. It takes his time and finally hits the golf ball. It goes out and lands about four feet below the hole. From here it starts to roll towards the hole and keeps rolling and rolling. The crowd and the announcers are starting to go crazy at this point (and seriously how often do crowds at gold games go crazy). The golf ball rolls up and stops right on the lip of the hole. And then rolls in. Nice. The real question is how much did he win in this tourney?

Watch Tiger destroy the competition in this golf video.


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Special Effects Movie Featuring Stealth Bomber Exploding Over Tower Of London

Stealth Bomber Explodes Over Tower Of London VideoThe video clip here seems to be either someone showing off their special effects know how, a clip from an indie film, or some other such special effects magic like a commercial. Anyway, the video starts out with what seems like a home movie of some tourist family with the Tower of London behind them. They hear something so they turn around and the video pans to a somewhat triangular dark blotch. The blotch gets closer and suddenly two missle trails shoot out from above their heads and blow up what appears to be a stealth bomber. The camera pans around and we see a tank, an anti aircraft missle launcher turning away from us, and some helicopters flying around. The camera pans down and there is a soldier that comes forward and grabs the camera. The effects are pretty seemless except for the static at the end. Static doesn't look like that. Try again.

Watch the stealth bomber explode over London in this special effects video.


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Harry Potter Died And Was Buried 66 Years Ago In Israel

Harry Potter Grave PhotoApparently there is a grave stone in a cemetery in Ramle, Israel with the name "Harry Potter" on it. The grave is for a 19 year old British soldier who was killed in fighting in the West Bank 66 years ago. The article goes on to say that fans of the Harry Potter books and movies have been visiting the grave in droves. At first the caretaker of the cemetery couldn't figure it out until he learned of the books and movies with the Harry Potter name (he must live under a rock). The local council has now added the Harry Potter grave stone site to the official tourist guide for the town. There you have it. Harry Potter died 66 years ago at age 19. I guess we know how the books end now.

Read the article about Harry Potter or check out the full resolution photo of the Harry Potter grave stone.


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