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Crazy Martial Arts Weapon Battle From A 70s Tournament

Two guys battle it out using martial arts weapons in the video of this tournament. One guy has what I assume is a Bo (basically a quarterstaff) and the other guy has a three piece staff. The video quality is horrible.



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Put On Your Thinking Hat And Jump Into A Multiplayer Game Of Word Racer

Word Racer Java GameInteresting multiplayer word game. You join in a game with maybe 8 other players and you all have to find words out of the given letters. You have a limited time to find all the words. It is Windows only and brought to you by Yahoo. Probably requires a Yahoo account as well. This game is similar to Boggle and other such word finding games on the Internet. It also has tournaments, ladder ranking leagues, and other such multiplayer ranking systems. Check it out if you like word puzzles.

Get your word finding puzzle game on in Word Racer.


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