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Philips Booth Demonstrates Light Up Fabric At A Tradeshow In This Video

Lumalive VideoHere's a video from what looks like some kind of tradeshow at the Philips booth where they demonstrate light emitting fabric called lumalive. They have people wearing t-shirts with moving light animations on them, chairs with moving light images in the backs of them, and a couch with the back filled with light moving icons. The video is pretty light on technical details however. As far as I can tell the tshirts look pretty bulky (somewhat like a bulletproof vest). The back of the chair though looks pretty good and the woman even presses in on the light area to show that it isn't just a flat light emitting surface. I'm guess it's either embedded LEDs, electroluminescence, or a flexable LCD.

Check out the video of the light up t-shirts below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Soccer Ball Contact Lenses Just Wait For The Corporate Logo Lenses

Soccer Ball Contact Lense PhotoSo one of the mosted emailed photos for today on Yahoo was this image of a "designer contact lense". This contact lense has a soccer ball on it with the center area open so you can still see out of your eye. A second set of contact lenses has the German flag on it. They're charging something like $54 a pop for these things. Just wait, you know they have deals in the works for all the mega brands like Coca Cola, 7-Up, etc. Wait for the tradeshows, other sporting events (American football?), or even TV shows where everyone there is wearing their brand logo on their eyeball.

Head on over and view the full sized photo of the custom contact lenses.


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