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Massive Flash Flood Bum Rushs Country Road Creek Crossing

This video shows some people going out to a country road creek crossing and video taping a huge flash flood. The mud, water, trees, etc. just rolls down the creekbed and swalls the road.



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Pigeon Attempts To Land On A Car And Is Rejected In This Car Commercial

Bird Deflect VideoHere's a funny car commercial which features the car protecting itself from a pigeon. The pigeon is sitting up on the tree eyeing the car and then flies down to land on the car. The car has other ideas however and using it's anti pigeon technology wacks the pigeon away from the car with it's hood. The pigeon is entirely CG or so claims the caption for the video. It's probably possible that the pigeon on the branch and flying towards the car is real and then when the bird gets hit it turns into a CG bird and sprawls on the ground. Apparently Ford sells these kinds of cars in Europe? Good luck with that.

Check out the pigeon deflector car commercial video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Blooper Clips From A Pro Fishing Show Where A Fisherman Gets Owned

Fisherman Show Bloopers VideoThis video features bloopers from a popular professional sports fishing show. It starts out with the guy running over his fishing pole (or something to that effect) which causes him to get out of his truck. The only problem is that somehow his mic wire is caught and he stumbles around for a few seconds. Next up he somehow gets his line caught in the prop and it sucks the fishing pole in. In the next video clip of the video he sticks his fishing pole into the ceiling fan breaking it off. Following this he somehow lets the motor come off of the boat and it goes wild in his hand. The best one is probably when he gets the line caught in the tree and while pulling on the tree something falls out of the tree onto him. You'll have to watch the video to see that one.

Watch the video of the fisherman show bloopers below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robot Roach Climbs Straight Up A Vertical Surface With No Hands

RoboRoach VideoThe robots are flying fast and furious lately with another robot for today which looks like a roach and can climb vertical surfaces. They show the robot climbing up a treetrunk, climbing up a brick wall, climbing up a wood wall, and climbing up a plastic wall or some such. Apparently this is another DARPA funded project (military) and I can think of all kinds of things you could do with it. For example, it could be used for mounting turrets or antenna on cliffs, climbing cliffs, bugging trees with cameras and speakers, and any number of other things where you need to climb a vertical face. Have the mule robot from yesterday siddle up to the cliff and launch these climbers. Six legged robot roach ninjas for the win!

Watch the full video of the ninja robot roach running up the wall for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Anime Twelve Days Of Annoying Things About Christmas Video

Anime 12 Days Of ChristmasI'm not sure if this is an official video or not but it is suppost to be te Twelve Days of Christmas from Storm Akira. It's hard to tell if they just mashed up an existing video and added some voice overs or if they really produced this how it is. The first day of Christmas in the video is finding a Christmas tree and it goes on from there about all the annoying things about Christmas. For example, Christmas lights that don't work or if they do they blow a fuse or blink. Some of the other days include hangovers, inlaws, Christmas specials on TV, and Christmas cards.

Check out the full Twelve Days Of Christmas anime video below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Bask In This Ninja Produced Ninja Rap Video For The Win

Strange Ninja VideoType "ninja" into just about any search engine field and you will be flooded with all kinds of strange results. Up for today we discovered this strange video of a ninja guy wearing what appears to be a bike racing "ninja" suit. It must have been the only clothes they had which were black (but they didn't have any black shoes apparently). The video is titled "Ninja Rap" or some such and looks like a highschool video project. The ninja in the video runs around attacking trees and people, climbing walls, and "rapping". Yeah it's a weird one alright. Only on the internet.

Ninja rap video of a strange block running around playing ninja.


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George Lucas Strikes Back With The Christmas Version Of Darth Vader All In Red

Christmas Darth Vader PhotoIf you are looking for what NOT to buy your local Star Wars nerd for Christmas this has probably got to be at the top of your list. I'd like to know what marketing genius or focus group came up with the idea of a red Darth Vader for Christmas and though it would sell a billion copies. What exactly do you do with a red Darth Vader + yuletide wreath + Christmas light's decorated Star Destroyer background? You can't exactly throw the red Darth Vader down with your other Star Wars nerd toys and get it on can you? What's the play? Darth Vader slipped in some red paint and is REALLY MAD NOW? I think you're way over the top now George. Which part of the continuity of Star Wars does a red Darth Vader fall into? What's next? Darth Vader in a Santa suit? I guess maybe you could stick it on the top of your Christmas tree if you were a real Star Wars nerd.

Check out the full size photo of the red Darth Vader action figure for yourself over at Rebelscum.


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Video Of An F1 Mercedes That Catchs Some Major Air Before A Crash

Flying Mercedes VideoAnd here I was convinced that cars couldn't fly where this video appears to prove me wrong. Now we've posted a similar video to this one before but this is not the same video. In the previous video the F1 car caught air, flew up, and came crashing down in the middle of the track. Not so with this new video of a F1 Mercedes which has a similar car accident. In this video the car catchs and updraft of air under it and proceeds to make multiple flips in mid air while moving off into the trees to the side of the track. When it crashs down in the middle of the trees there is a giant plume of earth that shoots up. Nice Mercedes.

Check out the full view of the flying Mercedes F1 over at their website or view it below.


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People Throw Buckets Of Gasoline On A Tree For A Good Time

Fire Tree VideoApparently the highlight of this summer red neck party is throwing buckets of gasoline on a burning tree and watching it flame up. The commentary in the background is equally rediculous including "Be careful Dan". The flames from the fire actually shoot up pretty high and the tree itself must be a pretty big tree (though it's possible that it's a dead tree). They also mention the guy throwing the gas as having almost fallen into the lake so it would seem the tree is a dead tree near a take. On fire. For a good time. Riiigghhhttt. Wait maybe this is the burning bush?

Watch these morons burn a tree for a good time.

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Which Part About Wrapping Your Rally Car Around A Tree Is Suppost To Be Fun Again?

Rally Crash VideoWhat is with rally car racing anyway? It seems like every day there is another video like this one of a rally car crashing into something or running someone over. In this video we have your usual people standing right on the rally track and the rally car comes sliding around the bend. The driver can't correct in time and the car t-bones a tree before spinning back around to a stop. The spectators all run over to see if they can help the people in the wrecked rally car. They better hope there isn't another car right behind them that is about to run them over.

Watch this rally car wrap itself around a tree.


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