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Milk Commercial Where A Guy Tries To Be A Super Hero And Fails.

Here's a milk commercial where a guy sees an accident about to happen and attempts to stop it. He gets all worked up getting to a spot where he can avert the accident and then ends up not having a plan once he gets there.



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Black Dog In This Video Sings Along With Bagpipes

Bagpipe Dog Singer VideoThere are a couple videos on YouTube featuring dogs singing along with bagpipes. This video is the main one and has a black lab singing (howling) while the dog's owner plays the bagpipes. Apparently the dog sings all the time according to the caption of the video. There is a second video featuring two dogs side by side  with one singing (howling) to bagpipes as well. In the second video the black dog can't figure out why the brown dog is howling and tries to nip him to make him stop. The black dog just seems mildly annoyed by the bagpipes instead.

Check out the dog singing to bagpipes below or click over and view it on the host site (and see the second video).


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Drivers Crash Into Bollards In Bus Lanes For A Good Time

Bollard VideoThis video would do better if it had commentary while the video was rolling. In any event England has installed this posts called bollards on various streets to only allow buses to use certain lanes. When the bus drives up the bollards go down and let the bus by. The bollards then close and if someone tries to drive by they hit the bollards. This video features various different drives who try to sneak by after the bus has gone through and run into the bollards. Some of the pretty hit them pretty hard and smack into their windshields. So let that be a lesson to you, 'Don't drive in bus lanes.'

Watch the video of the British bollards for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Stick Figure Battles A Flash Animation Artist For His Life In The Flash Interface

Stick Man Flash Attack VideoHere is a Flash animation which took the artist around three months to complete where a stick figure battles the artist in the Flash interface. The artist draws the stick figure who then gets a life of his own and attempts to escape. The stick figure grabs interface elements and uses drawings to battle the artist while the artist tries to destroy the stick figure by drawing guns and turrets that fire on the stick figure. The artist is even able to tie up the stick figure a few times but he escapes each time. Finally the stick figure liberates clones of himself and really starts taking over. At this point the artist closes the Flash document that the stick figure is living in.

Check out the full flash animation of this stick figure battling the artist for his life.


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Mashup Video Where The Star Trek Enterprise Fights The Death Star

Star Wars vs. Star Trek VideoThis video is a mashup between multiple Star Trek episodes and the three original Star Wars movies. It's about 7 minutes long and pretty well done. The Star Trek Enterprise is warping along when it comes upon the Death Star. The Enterprise tries diplomacy and the Empire from Star Wars attacks straight away. It has Tie fighters attacking the Enterprise and the Enterprise bringing down a Super Star Destroyer. Finally the Enterprise has to run away when the Death Star fires on them. The video mashup itself is pretty well scripted with the dialog all matching and making sense in the 7 minute plot.

Watch the full video of the Enterprise fighting the Empire and the Death Star below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Nose Spray Commercial Morphs Into Adult Tantrum In A Supermarket

Tantrum Commercial VideoHere is a funny commercial which is strange because the commercial seems to have nothing to do with the actual product. There is a woman in a supermarket with her kid and she feels a cold coming on so she pulls out some nose spray and shoots it up her nose. That was the commercial part of the video which has nothing to do with the rest of the video. While the lady was squirting the cold spray up her nose the kid wanders over and grabs some chips and dip. The woman turns around and sees the kid with the goods at which point he tries to start throwing a temper tantrum to get his way. Instead, the woman turns on the tables on him and throws her own kicking and screaming tantrum on the floor. The kid is speechless while she gets up and they walk off. Fixed him, eh? Now what did that have to do with cold nose spray.

Watch the full video of the funny nose spray commercial for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Car Slams Into A Lightpole And Then Drives Off Without A Driver

Light Pole Accident VideoHere is a video where a car is turning around a corner in San Francisco and slams head on into a light pole which is in the center divider of the street. Most likely the driver was not looking or just didn't see the light pole and ran head on into it. The car rolls back, it's smoking, and the windshield wipers are going off. A pedestrian goes over and tries to help the driver out of the car but the driver door appears to be stuck shut. The video seems to cut off at this point and then restart a bit later. When the video restarts somehow the car is in reverse (and there isn't a driver). It drives backwards in a U and hits a parked car. The driver and another guy run after to try and put it in park or neutral before it runs over someone.

Check out the full video of this car slamming into a light pole below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Cat Rips Up A Guys Inner Thigh In A Bid For Freedom In This Video

Crazy Cat VideoOuch. The guy in this video is filming an animal adoption video for a cat named Pinky(or Peeky ?). Now, Pinky is pet of the week and he stays still for about ten or twenty seconds while the guy talks about him being pet of the week. At this point Pinky decides he's had enough and tries to get away. The guy has Pinky on a leash and Pinky is just going nuts. He's flying up in the air, running around in circles, and trying his best to escape. A lady tries to help by attempting to catch Pinky in a pet box. This makes Pinky go even more crazy. Soon Pinky gets his leash tangled around the guys leg and starts crawling up his leg. Pinky grabs on with his claws to the inside of this guy's thigh and digs in. The guy starts screaming like a banshee and finally lets Pinky go. Like I said, ouch.

Watch Pinky rip this guy to shreds in his bid for freedom below or click over to view it on the original website.


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Stupid Guy Tries To Drink A Flaming Shot And Lights His Face On Fire

Flaming Shot VideoLook ma! My face is on fire! In this video we have another winner who succumbs to peer pressure and tries to down a flaming shot. He fails to do it however and instead lights his whole face on fire. There is fire on his hands and dropping around the bar as he reals away trying to put the fire out. Someone leaps over the bar to try and help him but by the time they get there the fire seems to have burned out. I can't really tell if he got any burns from it or not. It may not burn hot enough or long enough for any burns to happen.

Watch this guy set his face on fire for a good time!


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Group Of Heroes Sit Around Trying To Drink A Flaming Shot And Catch On Fire

Flaming Drink VideoThe winners in this video are sitting around drinking copious amounts of alcohol for a good time. They get the brilliant idea to light a shot on fire and then one of them is to drink it. Well the guy drinks something out of a red cup and then tries to drink the flaming shot. Except that everything goes wrong at this point because the guy who is drinking it catchs his lip on fire and starts screaming. He throws the flaming shot on the table or somehow it tips over off. In any event suddenly the table is on fire and the burning alcohol pours onto another guy sitting near by. Now his pants are on fire and he is dancing around screaming like crazy. Wooooo. You guys rock.

Watch these morons play with fire and get burned.


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