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Guy Drops Golf Balls Into A Blender And Turns Them Into Confetti

Golf Ball Blender VideoHere's an interesting viral video which is actually an advertisement for a industrial blender. The guy in the video takes various objects like brooms, crow bars, golf balls, coke cans, CDs, etc. and blends them up in the blender they are trying to sell. In this video he throws a couple golf balls into the blender and turns them into confetti. It's actually pretty amazing what the blender can do as normal blenders get stuck on icecubes and this thing tears into golf balls like they are butter. Nice viral marketing.

Check out the full video of this guy turning golf balls into confetti below or click over and view it on the host site.


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From Russia With Ice Sculptures And Chain Saws For the Win

Ice Sculpture VideoI have no idea if this video is from Russia or not but it sounds good. Anyway this video is pretty slow except for the two or three seconds where the ice sculpture turns into so many ice cubes. A guy with a chain saw walks around cutting the supports out from under the ice sculpture until he cuts the last one and it comes crashing down. Another guy follows him and throws the cut supports out of the way though I am not sure why. It isn't vandalism as there seems to be a crowd (re: camera flashs) watching the guy bring it down. I assume they were either done with the ice sculpture or they wanted to make room for a new one.

Check out the full video of this ice sculpture turning into ice cubes below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Exhibit Illusion Room Shows People Turning Into Giants In This Video

Illusion Room VideoIn this video the two guys are at some illusion exhibit in New Zealand. Apparently this room in the exhibit is built to be an optical illusion where when a person walks from one end of the room to the other it looks like the person is turning into a giant. This is the same depth of field effect they use in movies to depict giant size characters. I only notice a little bit of the right side of the room being "lower" in the camera view. It's possible that the right side is the same height as the left side but the floor sure looks slanted. Anyway, the right side is much farther back (or so it seems) that the left side of the room. As the person walks from right to left I assume they get closer to the camera (and I assume the floor to ceiling height is also less).

Watch the full video of the giant in the room illusion below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Big Red Truck Makes Metal Confetti Out Of Two Small Cars In This Video

Truck Crush Test VideoHere is a pretty amazing car accident test video done on what happens when a large truck rear ends a number of stopped cars. In the video they have maybe six to eight cars at a fake Stop sign and they have a large dump truck sized truck which they slam into the rear car. The last two cars in line pretty much completely disintegrate under the force of the truck. The very last car is completely gone, the second to last car is a pancake between the third car and the dump truck and the third car crashs into the fourth car but the passenger area stays intact. If you look closely the very last car seems to get ripped off it's chassy completely like it was made of paper. They are using European cars and a European truck in the video.

Check out the full video of the dump truck turning two cars into metal shreds for a good time below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Robotic Pack Mule Developed For The Military In This Video

Robot Pack Mule VideoHere is a video of a robot pack mule that is being developed for the military to carry gear into terrain which is inaccessable by vehicle. They show it moving through various terrain including snow, deep mud, rocky shale, and just regular dirt. This thing looks like two guys carrying a load between them as the legs in the front and the back both have the joint pointed inwards. It really looks weird because it moves like a human but your eyes tell you it's a robot. They show it turning in a circle by side stepping and being able to catch itself if someone kicks it in the side. I'd like to see them walk this thing up a sand dune though. You know after they get this thing working pretty good as a pack animal that guard dogs and or mounting guns on this thing is next. Robot police horses? If we can't have flying cars this might be the next best thing. Imperial walkers here we come.

Watch the full video of this robot pack mule for yourself below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Ask A Ninja Fields A Question About Can Dogs Become Trained Ninjas

Dog Ninja VideoHere is another video from "Ask A Ninja" and this time the question for the ninja master was "How can I teach my dog ninja tricks?". The ninja master says it's possible but you have to be careful especially with tricks like moving through walls and doors. He dubs dog ninjas, "caninjas", as in Canine Ninjas. He goes on to say that he had one friend who taught his poodle hypersonic ninja speed or some such and it ripped his arms right out of his sockets. Other things he mentions are that after dogs become ninjas they are no longer mans best friends. This "Ask a Ninja" guy is really turning these videos out now with at least eleven different episodes.

You'll have to watch the video below to find out everything about dog ninjas for yourself or click over and view it on the host site.


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Car Slams Into A Lightpole And Then Drives Off Without A Driver

Light Pole Accident VideoHere is a video where a car is turning around a corner in San Francisco and slams head on into a light pole which is in the center divider of the street. Most likely the driver was not looking or just didn't see the light pole and ran head on into it. The car rolls back, it's smoking, and the windshield wipers are going off. A pedestrian goes over and tries to help the driver out of the car but the driver door appears to be stuck shut. The video seems to cut off at this point and then restart a bit later. When the video restarts somehow the car is in reverse (and there isn't a driver). It drives backwards in a U and hits a parked car. The driver and another guy run after to try and put it in park or neutral before it runs over someone.

Check out the full video of this car slamming into a light pole below or click over and view it on the host site.


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Guy Takes His Motorcycle Up to 300kmh On A Public Road For A Good Time

Motorcycle Speed Demon VideoAnd here we have another Darwin Award Finalist video for your viewing pleasure. In this video there is a clown on a motorcycle driving on public roads with traffic and he takes it up to what looks like 300 kilometers an hour. He's lucky that there are no cars going in the same direction that he is. All of the cars seem to be going the opposite direction and even then he spends half the time in the oncoming lane. On each of the curves he also pretty much just goes straight through the curve without turning. Only a couple times does he look like he might lose it and go spinning off the guardrail.

Watch this guy tempt fate for a good time.


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This Gears Game Might Be Just The Engineering Puzzle Challenge For You

Gears Flash GameGears is an interesting free flash puzzle game. You start out with a central turning gear and two or three other gears that are not turning but have a direction arrow on them. You must add gears to the puzzle to get the gears that are not turning to start turning in the correct direction. Once all the gears are turning you move on to the next level. It gets harder the farther you move on in levels. The first few puzzles seem easy but you can get stumped not to long into the game. The graphics are colorful but pretty basic. Overall if you like puzzles or engineering give this one a shot as it is pretty original for a flash game.

Get your game on when you play this Gears puzzle game.


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Commercial Where The Sofa Attacks A Guy To Keep Him From Escaping Outside

Guy Tries To Escape His Sofa Commercial VideoThis commercial starts out with the guy turning off the TV and then trying to get up from the sofa. The sofa moves however and knocks him back in to it. He gets freaked out and tries to escape but the sofa just keeps pulling him. His war with the sofa destroys his apparentment. Finally the sofa grabs the guys pants and he escapes down the stairs without them. The sofa chases him down the stairs and he's stuck in the doorway because it can't fit through. The guy gets his pants back on, grabs his gym back, and escapes out the front door. The ad is for Reebok and I assume they are advocating going outside and by doing so you'll need to buy their products. I say nevermind the bird, follow the river!

Watch this guy get attacked by his sofa while he tries to escape.


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