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Nebraska Spawns Mutated Two Mouthed Fish For A Good Time

Two Mouthed FishIf you thought the radiation in your town was decreasing think again. We've posted two headed turtles, two headed snakes, five legged cows, and other such anomilies on the site before. Up for today we have a photo of a fish with two mouths. A fisherman caught this fish in Holmes Lake near Lincoln, Nebraska according to the caption for the photo. He said that the lower mouth did not appear to function and the hook was in the upper mouth. I don't know about you but I don't think I would be chomping down on a mutated fish or any fish from that lake for that matter.

Update: Looking at the picture more I guess it's possible that the lower "mouth" is just an injury. Maybe the fish was caught, released, and the hole just slowly ripped open.

Check out the full sized photo to the two mouthed trout for yourself.


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Video Of A Two Headed Mutant Snake At A Snake Convention

Two Headed Snake VideoAnd the video we have for your today is of this two headed snake. As far as I can tell the snake doesn't move at all during the entire video so it's possible that the thing is dead. The tail doesn't move and neither head flicks it's tongue. It looks like they have this two headed snake at some kind of snake showing convention because there is another guy with a giant python around his neck in the background near the end of the video. Chalk this one up with the two headed turtle and the five legged frog.

Check out the video of the two headed snake for yourself.


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The Time Of The Mutants Is At Hand Two Headed Turtle Crawls Around In This Video

Two Headed Turtle VideoSomeone is living a little bit to close to the nuclear test facility here. In this video we have a turtle that has two heads. There have been photos I've seen on the internet of frogs with 7 legs and things like that but I've never seen a two headed turtle before. You have to wonder which head controls which legs or if one head controls two legs and one head controls the other two legs. Which head eats? Do they both eat? Do they both have throats that go to the same stomach? Do you feed the two headed turtle two heads of lettuce? Here is a hint folks, if your Geiger Counter is clicking like crazy don't breed your turtles.

Check out the two headed turtle in this video.

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